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About Us

The Word On The Street is a non-profit organization that celebrates Canadian reading, writing, and champions literacy primarily through a free, annual outdoor festival. Each September, in communities from coast to coast, we invite everyone to participate in hundreds of author events, presentations and workshops, and to browse a marketplace that boasts the best selection of Canadian books and magazines you’ll find anywhere. And it’s free! The Lethbridge Public Library has been a proud member of The Word on the Street since 2011.

Frequently Asked Questions

Exhibitor FAQs

What opportunities are there for authors and publishers?

Presenting authors are chosen by an internal committee. Interested authors and publishers are welcome to email us to be considered. All authors and publishers are welcome to join our exhibitor marketplace. We offer individual authors a special low rate of $75 for the early bird deadline, and $100 after June 1. Submit your name to be contacted with an exhibitor package when it is available.


Will I get a table, chairs and a tent in an outside exhibitor space?

No.  An outside space only includes a physical space, roughly 10’ x 10’, on either the street or in the library parking lot to use as a base for your own mobile cart, tent or table.


Will food and beverage vendors have their own area?

Yes, there will be a food court area for food and beverage vendors.


Can I pay for my exhibitor registration over the phone?

No. The only payment options available are as a cheque made payable to Lethbridge Public Library, in person or by mail, or by credit card in person at the Main Branch of the Lethbridge Public Library.


I am registered as a publisher and I am bringing some of my authors. Can I list them on the Authors page on this website?

The Authors page on this website is for those who are presenting on one of the stages or who are doing a workshop or other event. All exhibitors will be listed on the Marketplace page.


Will there be tables, chairs, tents or tent weights to rent for the festival?

We will not be renting out chairs, tables, or tents for the festival. All of these items need to be booked in advance with the purchase of your space. If you book an “outdoor space” and bring your own tent you must weigh it down properly. There are weights for rent from the Library in advance that you can order through your exhibitor registration form.


If you have any further questions, please contact us at