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Exhibitor Marketplace

The Word On The Street's Exhibitor Marketplace is one of the best of its kind in southern Alberta. It offers festival-goers a window into the Canadian literary scene, the chance to purchase books, merchandise and learn from over 50 local vendors - it's Lethbridge's biggest outdoor bookstore! Find your next literary treasure this fall. Are you looking to join us as an exhibitor? Check out our exhibitor package and registration!      

Alberta Magazine Publishers Association

Writing & Publishing

  The Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA) sustains a healthy and thriving magazine industry by serving the people who publish, create, print and distribute an uniquely Albertan view of the world. We’re a classroom, a forum, a newsletter, an advocate and a united voice for magazine publishers in the province. Since 1997, we’ve supported Alberta magazines through promotion, advancement, and practical programs that foster professional development and industry growth. The Alberta Magazine Publishers Association will be handing out FREE copies of Alberta magazines. We will be highlighting the great diversity of Alberta magazines.

Environment Lethbridge


Environment Lethbridge was founded in 2012 by a group of concerned citizens and business owners who wanted to see Lethbridge take action to become more environmentally sustainable.

Our Mission

Environment Lethbridge inspires and equips people to create widespread community action and engagement towards sustainability.

Our Vision

Lethbridge is a sustainable community and all residents are actively engaged in contributing to its sustainability.

Strategic Plan

We have identified four goals to guide our work.
  1. Environment Lethbridge achieves long-term organizational sustainability.
  2. The community has an understanding of Lethbridge’s environmental health.
  3. Residents are inspired to learn and take action to increase the environmental sustainability of their homes and businesses.
  4. City Council receives scientific and community input on environmental sustainability issues and policies.
Information and activities about environmental sustainability, waste reduction, and climate resilience.

Jeff Cottrill

Independent Author

  Jeff Cottrill is a novelist and performance poet based in Toronto. Last year, he launched his debut novel, Hate Story, with Dragonfly Publishing. At the festival, he will be selling both hardcover and paperback copies of the novel, as well as his 2015 CD, This Album Is NIT FENNY!

Kona Ice


  We specialize in serving premium tropical shaved ice at Schools, Sporting Events, Fundraisers for non-profits, Corporate or Special Events. We also love giving back to our community.

Lethbridge Historical Society



The Lethbridge Historical Society serves the area from Nanton south to the United States border.

The Lethbridge Branch of the Historical Society of Alberta was first formed in 1888 as a Scientific and Historical Society. This group met bi-monthly where “papers” were read. The Society disappeared in the 1890’s and then in 1923, due to the community’s concern for marking the memory of Nicholas Sheran and other early mining pioneers, the Historical Society was reorganized. It disappeared again in 1928 but was resurrected in 1935 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lethbridge. When the successful celebration ended, so did the historical organization.

In 1958, the Lethbridge City Council took the lead to get a Society organized as they were concerned at the lack of a museum and archives in the city and felt an historical society was the logical group to undertake development of such a facility. The Society was registered as The Whoop-Up Country Chapter of the Historical Society of Alberta. The organization was active in the Museum’s development and its operation until 1972 when it became too much for volunteers to operate and manage.

In 1986 the Society felt that it should be reincorporated as a chapter of the Historical Society of Alberta. Our name changed to Lethbridge Historical Society at that time.

The Lethbridge Historical Society maintains a working relationship with the Galt Museum & Archives. The Society maintains an office and its book inventory at the museum and many of our members volunteer there on a regular basis.

The River Bottom Writers

Independent Author

The River Bottom Writers started after a few of the founding members took a writing course at the Lethbridge College. Finding that they wanted to continue learning and perfecting their craft, they decided to continue meeting after the course ended. Starting in 2012, a small group of writers started meeting in the atrium of the Lethbridge College.  New members joined and the group continued to grow. Finding the public space inadequate,  the group moved several times over the years until coming full circle back to the starting point. The inspiration for our name comes from the fertile soil found by most rivers that encourages growth and nurturing to new and developed plants. Much like the rivers soil, we strive to grow and nurture each other to better ourselves in the written word. We meet every Thursday at 7pm in the Richardson Oilseed Room at the Lethribdge College. Open to the public, all forms of writing are welcome!