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Exhibitor Marketplace

The Word On The Street's Exhibitor Marketplace is one of the best of its kind in southern Alberta. It offers festival-goers a window into the Canadian literary scene, the chance to purchase books, merchandise and learn from over 50 local vendors - it's Lethbridge's biggest outdoor bookstore! Find your next literary treasure this fall. Are you looking to join us as an exhibitor? Check out our exhibitor package and registration!      

Alberta Magazine Publishers Association

Writing & Publishing

  The Alberta Magazine Publishers Association (AMPA) sustains a healthy and thriving magazine industry by serving the people who publish, create, print and distribute an uniquely Albertan view of the world. We’re a classroom, a forum, a newsletter, an advocate and a united voice for magazine publishers in the province. Since 1997, we’ve supported Alberta magazines through promotion, advancement, and practical programs that foster professional development and industry growth. The Alberta Magazine Publishers Association will be handing out FREE copies of Alberta magazines. We will be highlighting the great diversity of Alberta magazines.

Alexandra Writers’ Centre Society



The Alexandra Writers Centre is a Calgary-based organization focused on supporting all writers in their creative pursuits. Learn more. Get involved. The Alexandra Writers Centre is a registered charity, committed to supporting new and emerging writers on their writing journey, through a wide variety of courses and workshops and community support.

Allison Gorner

Independent Author

Join Allison Gorner, children's author of This Book is Top Secret, and Super Agent Ninja Ballerina Kids, for some fun activities, colouring pages, and character dress-up.

Analog Books


Analog Books is Lethbridge's only independent bookstore specializing in new books only, and home to everyone's favourite cat Hugo. We look forward being part of the book lovers community at WOTS. Analog Books Scriprtorium. Write a letter on a vintage typewriter, address the envelope with a vintage fountain pen, seal it with a wax seal and postage stamp and mail it to yourself or someone else.

Building Brains Together


Building Brains Together is one of the Festival's proud Community Partners!

Building Brains Together (BBT) – Building brains through play Purpose:
  • To enhance kindergarten readiness, academic and life success by strengthening executive function, self-regulation and early literacy skills in preschool aged children.
  • Build adult (parent, caregiver, educators) capacity specifically around brain development, executive function skills and early literacy.
What we do:
  • BBT shares a tested curriculum of games that have demonstrated effectiveness in strengthening executive function, self-regulation and early literacy in preschool aged children.
  • BBT hosts workshops and training events for parents, caregivers, educators and community members on topics such as early brain development, executive function skills and early literacy.
  • BBT is active in the community of Lethbridge partnering with local organizations to connect with caregivers and share the BBT Executive Function Curriculum.
Join us for Brain Building games and activities. Parents, caregivers and community will have opportunity to pick up helpful resources and everyone is welcome to enter our colouring contest!

Chro Zand

Independent Author

CHRO IS MY NAME It was initially a short story title that I had written in 2008. It has been published in Newcomer Magazine and later in a collection of short stories named JWAR, written by me and published in Kurdistan in 2010. Finally, it was in the School of Continuing Studies program of the University of Toronto. I was born with a dear name; Chro is a bud or a small flower blooming in spring. I have always loved my name and the image it gives me of myself. It has been an influential part of my life in different cultures for various reasons. The uprising of April 1, 1991, is covered in the book's first chapter, and it was an unforgettable memory of the anti-Kurdish genocide. Chapter 8 deals with my father. It is a short part of his long journey. That chapter Mentions his 15 published books, including his translation of The New Testament from French to Kurdish. Memoir of a Kurdish Hero’s Daughter For the world, you are one person. For me, you are my world. I couldn’t separate his memoir from mine. Now my past has become a distant place. I sometimes chose to go there, turning the page of a young girl's book, my book. I sat under the bright sky looking for the brit of the sun to lighten my way and take me back to my childhood to the native land to the place where I was born and where I wanted to be buried. In the land where they know my name, My Name Is Chro.

Environment Lethbridge


Environment Lethbridge was founded in 2012 by a group of concerned citizens and business owners who wanted to see Lethbridge take action to become more environmentally sustainable.

Our Mission

Environment Lethbridge inspires and equips people to create widespread community action and engagement towards sustainability.

Our Vision

Lethbridge is a sustainable community and all residents are actively engaged in contributing to its sustainability.

Strategic Plan

We have identified four goals to guide our work.
  1. Environment Lethbridge achieves long-term organizational sustainability.
  2. The community has an understanding of Lethbridge’s environmental health.
  3. Residents are inspired to learn and take action to increase the environmental sustainability of their homes and businesses.
  4. City Council receives scientific and community input on environmental sustainability issues and policies.
Information and activities about environmental sustainability, waste reduction, and climate resilience.

Family Centre


family centre

The Family Centre is one of the Festival's proud Community Partners!

Family Centre, based in Lethbridge, is a non-profit organization providing a comprehensive range of services to children, youth and families in Southwestern Alberta. Our Mission: Family Centre empowers children and families through programs, resources and connections. The vision that we are always seeking to achieve is, Healthy Children! Healthy Families! Healthy Communities! Programs offered by Family Centre are:
  • Information and Referrals,
  • Early Childhood play programming & developmental screening,
  • Parent Education and support,
  • Family Support Services including subsidized counselling, groups, Family Success Coaching and the Interfaith Chinook Country Kitchen programs.
Family Centre has been designated Lethbridge’s Family Resource Centre through funding from the Government of Alberta Family Resource Network. Family Centre works in partnership with Lethbridge CMHA‘s Integrated Coordinated Access program to better serve our community. Join Family Centre staff and volunteers and make a paper bag book. Using the provided paper bags, stickers, die cuts, markers and pencil crayons you can create your own story.  

Freehand Books

Writing & Publishing

Freehand Books publishes outstanding Canadian writers: Ian Williams, Sharon Butala, Lorna Crozier are a few recognizable names on our list. Up-and-comers are Ali Bryan, Mikka Jacobsen, and Michelle Syba. We will set up an exhibitor's table to sell books and to promote our incredible list, as well as have editorial conversations with the public.

French Language Centre


DELF The French Language Centre (FLC) is housed within the Department of Modern Languages & Linguistics and is dedicated to francophone outreach in Lethbridge and throughout Southern Alberta while serving as an accredited French Language Proficiency Testing Centre. Twice a year, we offer DELF-DALF French Language tests to the general public and to students from age 11 until the end of high school. We offer the TCF exams as well. We also organize a French Film Week and collaborate on various other French-related projects both on campus and in the greater community. What is the study of Modern Languages all about? In today's globalized context, students of modern languages are being prepared for membership in a global community that extends far beyond the boundaries of the English-speaking world. You will gain awareness of other cultures through courses in language, literature, and culture and civilization, and through academic and living experiences in francophone Canada or abroad. Our department plays a key role in training students to function in the major international languages of East and West: French, German(currently not available), Japanese, and Spanish. Small class sizes ensure that students benefit from close interaction with peers and individual attention from instructors. Students have access to a study room and state-of-the-art computer and audio labs. Our department is also a pioneer in computer-assisted language learning. All students, whether they are majoring in a language or not, can enjoy the enriching experience of a study visit in francophone Canada or abroad. Foreign destinations include France, Switzerland, Germany, Mexico, Costa Rica, Spain, and Japan. Course credit acquired at the host university may be transferable back to the University of Lethbridge. For students who do not opt for a study visit, opportunities abound at the University to speak French, German, Japanese or Spanish with international students. Linguistics, the study of universal aspects of language and speech production, is also integrated into the curriculum. In addition, Linguistics is a requirement for students pursuing graduate studies in other fields such as Speech Pathology.

Georgina’s Food Truck


Filipino BBQ and other comfort foods like spring rolls and stir fried noodles.

Helen Schuler Nature Centre


Helen Schuler Nature Centre is one of the Festival's proud Community Partners! They will be providing an interactive experience and craft for festival attendees to learn about the seasonal changes taking place in Lethbridge in September (eg. fall migration). They will also be promoting upcoming Nature Centre events and programs and will answer questions that people may have about nature. The fun stuff happens outside! Join Nature Centre staff and volunteers to explore a variety of outdoor literacy activities. Interactive games and fun take-aways.

Jason Wegner


Local Lethbridge author Jason Wegner shares his inspiring journey of living successfully with bipolar 1 disorder in his memoir "Manic Man". From a three-month manic episode that saw him in Tanzania and later roaming the streets of Lethbridge, to then a 57-day hospital stay, Wegner's story resonates with resilience and hope. Now a high school English teacher in Lethbridge, Wegner passionately advocates for destigmatizing mental illness in Southern Alberta through his compelling narrative.

Jeff Cottrill

Independent Author

  Jeff Cottrill is a novelist, performance poet, and journalist based in Toronto. Last year, he launched his debut novel, Hate Story, with Dragonfly Publishing, and his poetry and short fiction have appeared in numerous international anthologies from New York to Australia. He has headlined in countless literary series throughout Canada, the U.K., the U.S., France, and Ireland over the last twenty years. His performance style is influenced by slam conventions, but subverts them with wit, ironic humour and a satirical tone. In 2021, his poem “This Is Not Real Poetry” was nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and earlier this year, his short story “The Madness East of St. George” was a runner-up in the Writers' Union of Canada's Short Prose Competition for Emerging Writers. At the festival, he will be selling both hardcover and paperback copies of his novel, as well as his 2015 spoken-word CD, This Album Is NIT FENNY!

Jerrys Pop Shop


Jerrys Pop Shop will selling gourmet sodas and cookies  

Kona Ice


  We specialize in serving premium tropical shaved ice at Schools, Sporting Events, Fundraisers for non-profits, Corporate or Special Events. We also love giving back to our community.

La Cité des Prairies


We will provide informations about our francophone community centre and will give out some goodies

Lavinia Thompson

Independent Author

I will be selling paperback copies of my mystery books, both first in series, "Beyond Dark" and "Martha Holmes Mysteries," as well as signing books and talking to readers.

Lethbridge Historical Society



The Lethbridge Historical Society serves the area from Nanton south to the United States border.

The Lethbridge Branch of the Historical Society of Alberta was first formed in 1888 as a Scientific and Historical Society. This group met bi-monthly where “papers” were read. The Society disappeared in the 1890’s and then in 1923, due to the community’s concern for marking the memory of Nicholas Sheran and other early mining pioneers, the Historical Society was reorganized. It disappeared again in 1928 but was resurrected in 1935 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Lethbridge. When the successful celebration ended, so did the historical organization.

In 1958, the Lethbridge City Council took the lead to get a Society organized as they were concerned at the lack of a museum and archives in the city and felt an historical society was the logical group to undertake development of such a facility. The Society was registered as The Whoop-Up Country Chapter of the Historical Society of Alberta. The organization was active in the Museum’s development and its operation until 1972 when it became too much for volunteers to operate and manage.

In 1986 the Society felt that it should be reincorporated as a chapter of the Historical Society of Alberta. Our name changed to Lethbridge Historical Society at that time.

The Lethbridge Historical Society maintains a working relationship with the Galt Museum & Archives. The Society maintains an office and its book inventory at the museum and many of our members volunteer there on a regular basis.

Lethbridge Pride Fest


Lethbridge Pride Fest Society is a community based organization providing events for the acceptance and inclusion of our diverse community. We recognize and celebrate the history, the courage and the future of all Alberta’s Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans, Two – Spirited, Queer, Questioning, Inter-sexed and Allied (LGBTTQQIA) individuals and communities. Will be spreading queer cheer and selling Lethbridge Pride Fest merchandise.