Lethbridge, Alberta

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Main Library: 5th Ave. S. and 8th St. S. | 11am - 5pm

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Exhibitor Marketplace

The Word On The Street's Exhibitor Marketplace is one of the best of its kind in southern Alberta. It offers festival-goers a window into the Canadian literary scene, the chance to purchase books, merchandise and learn from over 50 local vendors - it's Lethbridge's biggest outdoor bookstore! Find your next literary treasure this fall. Please see below for a list of some of the amazing exhibitors that will be joining us at the 2019 Festival!   Our Exhibitor Registration is currently SOLD OUT for the 2019 Festival, however, we are still taking registrations on a wait list for the tables inside our existing tents with the expectation that a few tables will open up and we also still do have some outdoor spots available. Please contact us for details.

Read On

Literacy and Arts Organizations

#Inside the Library

The Read On Program at the Lethbridge Public Library will be offering an open house inside the Library at this year's Festival. Make sure to visit them and learn what services they can offer you! Adult Literacy Services include:

  • Adult Basic Education: Read On offers one-on-one help to English speaking adults.
  • English Language Learners: Read On offers one-on-one help to adults who need to improve their reading, writing, speaking and listening skills.
  • Classes: Read On offers various classes to adult learners.
  • Volunteer opportunities are available!
Read On is one of the departments in the library that a lot of people don't know about.  We work with adults who, for whatever reason, want to improve their literacy skills.  Since 1981 we have helped 1000's of adults learn to read, write, speak English and/or French, improve their math skills, learn how to use a computer, pass their Canadian Citizenship, language assessment, GED, or Alberta Trade Entrance tests.  None of this would have been possible without our small army of volunteers who work with our adult students to meet their needs. Come on down (we are located downstairs adjacent to the Children's Department) to Read On to: meet our staff, learn more about how you can join our volunteer team or how we can help you improve your literacy skills. We would love to meet you! http://www.lethlib.ca/adult/readon

Read World Foundation


Eastern and Central Visayas islands in the Philippines were devastated by super typhoon Haiyan (local name, Yolanda). The strongest typhoon ever recorded to hit landfall in Tacloban City, with sustained 355 km/hr winds and 20-feet storm surge, flattened the landscape and left over 6000 casualties, thousands displaced and homeless.
While the world responded with much generosity, local politics and corruption have caused much delay in helping those affected find normalcy even today.


ReadWorld Foundation aims to support the rebuilding of library resources in schools and universities affected by disasters in the Philippines.

Reconciliation Lethbridge



Reconciliation Lethbridge is a local response to the Truth & Reconciliation Commission's (TRC) Calls to Action, leading the way in engaging all people of Lethbridge in dialogue and transformative experiences that revitalize the relationships among Indigenous peoples and non-Indigenous peoples. We believe in open and honest conversations to understand our diverse histories and experiences, leading to healing and a coming together. Reconciliation Lethbridge is comprised of the Lethbridge Indigenous Sharing Network and the City of Lethbridge.

South Alberta FASD Network (SAFAN)


South Alberta FASD Network will be providing information and materials regarding  supports and services offered by the network, as well as, awareness and prevention of FASD. They will be serving "mocktails" at a small booth designed by AGLC. Vision: The Community served by the South Alberta Network has a comprehensive and coordinated regional response to FASD across the lifespan and a continuum of services that is respectful of individual, family, culture, and community diversity. Mission: The Network is committed to increasing regional capacity through the enhancement of existing and the development of new FASD services in three primary areas of focus: Awareness and Prevention, Assessment and Diagnosis, and Supports for Individuals and Caregivers.

Programs and Services Offered

FASD Assessment and Diagnostic Clinic

  • Diagnostic services will be accessible to children and youth from 7-17 years of age within our geographical region. Services will include medical, cognitive and behavioural assessments completed by a multidisciplinary team. Assessment and diagnostic services may lead to a confirmed diagnosis under the spectrum of FASD. Once the individual has been diagnosed, an intervention plan will be developed and implemented by our Follow-up Coordinator.
  • The Canadian Guidelines for Diagnosis state that early diagnosis helps provide appropriate interventions and supports for children with FASD and their families and helps reduce the risk of developing secondary disabilities.

Southern Alberta Art Gallery

Literacy and Arts Organizations

SAAG The Southern Alberta Art Gallery is one of the Festival's proud Community Partners! They will offering a free children's activity at their booth this year. Please make sure to visit them and have some fun doing arts and crafts! http://www.saag.ca

Stray Books Ltd

Writing & Publishing

Oh, hello! Welcome to Stray Books, home to creative, weird, and wonderful stories coming out of Calgary, Alberta. Our goal is pretty simple: to connect amazing story-tellers with amazing people. If you like stories (and who doesn’t?) you’re in the right place. In the age of blockbusters, Netflix, and countless other entertainment options, deciding to publish good ol’ print novels — and eBooks, of course — might seem a bit dated. But at Stray Books, we believe that written works not only have a place, but also have a type of freedom you won’t find in movies, TV, and YouTube. Printed stories can be wild — free of the high-budgets and the difficulties of putting together other media. By utilizing technology, we’re able to keep our team small and local while looking around us for new and exciting authors, artists, and creative-minded people in general. One of the things we’re most proud of is our home: Alberta. Our province is always changing, bringing in new people and new stories every day. We’re here to share those stories with you. If you’re a writer or an artist, feel free to drop us a line in our Submit section, and if you’re a reader, be sure to check out our first release, Future Fables and Strange Stories. And make sure to check us out at @StrayBooksLtd on facebook, @straybooksltd on Instagram, and @BooksStray on twitter!   https://straybooks.ca/

TechBridge Makerspace


TechBridge Makerspace is a non-profit corporation with the purpose of providing a venue for innovation and growth in Southern Alberta. To do this we will provide space to work, tools to use, and education to enable you to design and create. TechBridge will offer spaces for use on a membership basis. Just as gym members can use gym equipment and facilities as part of their membership, TechBridge members will be able to access spaces and tools. There will be shops for woodworking and metal working. Some of the featured equipment that will be available include 3D printers and a laser cutter. Other spaces will provide opportunities to do video and photography work, textiles and sewing, and robotics and electronics. Use of tools will require an initial training at minimal cost to make sure they are used appropriately and safely. At TechBridge there will also be opportunities to take classes. There will be classes for children, youths and adults. Classes for school aged children will generally be offered as after school, weekend, or summer camp opportunities. Additionally there will be spaces available to rent. These would include private storage space, private studios in which to work, and offices and co-working space for those wanting to take advantage of the collaborative environment. We will also have a "store" where regularly supplies and materials can be purchased. Other maker related items and parts such as electronics components, projects kits, printing materials and hardware would also be available.

Why should you join

There are many reasons. Here some of the highlights.
  • Personal development and empowerment.
  • Build your self-confidence and lifelong abilities.
  • A community of like-minded and creative people.
  • Excellent learning opportunities.
  • Increase value to the modern workforce and job skills.
  • Improved kinesthetic abilities, and practical knowledge.
  • An environment of inspiration and motivation.
  • Take your idea from napkin to saleable product.

The River Bottom Writers

Independent Author

The River Bottom Writers started after a few of the founding members took a writing course at the Lethbridge College. Finding that they wanted to continue learning and perfecting their craft, they decided to continue meeting after the course ended. Starting in 2012, a small group of writers started meeting in the atrium of the Lethbridge College.  New members joined and the group continued to grow. Finding the public space inadequate,  the group moved several times over the years until coming full circle back to the starting point. The inspiration for our name comes from the fertile soil found by most rivers that encourages growth and nurturing to new and developed plants. Much like the rivers soil, we strive to grow and nurture each other to better ourselves in the written word. We meet every Thursday at 7pm in the Richardson Oilseed Room at the Lethribdge College. Open to the public, all forms of writing are welcome!     http://www.riverbottomwriters.com/

The Tail-Gators


#Outfoor Vendor

The Hansen brothers, Jeff and Jay, take inspiration from their love of sports and Southern travels to bring their favorite thirst-quenching recipes to you. The Tail-Gators will be serving lemonade, ice coffee, avrie palmers, Hawaiian shaved ice, as well as, their all new Gator Dawgs and nachos and cheese. https://www.facebook.com/Tail-Gators-1639084739636791/

Tutor Doctor


  Not all students learn in the same manner. However, because many schools adopt standardized teaching methods, it leaves many children at a disadvantage. At Tutor Doctor Lethbridge, we offer an alternative to the uniform teaching methods many teachers use. Instead, our skilled private tutors in Lethbridge take the time to understand each student and determine their strengths and weaknesses. We pair each child with a tutor that complements their needs and learning style. We also incorporate their current coursework so that each client can see tangible improvements and the student is not overwhelmed with even more work.  

Check out some of the subjects we cover:

  • Math
  • Science
  • English
  • Spanish
  • ESL
  • Test Prep
  • ACT/SAT®
  Visit our website: tutordoctor.com/lethbridge/  

University of Lethbridge Art Gallery

Literacy and Arts Organizations

U of L Art Gallery The University of Lethbridge Art Gallery is one of the Festival's proud Community Partners! They will be offering a family-based hands on art activity at their booth space again this year called "Surrealist Game Drawings". They will be using a Surrealist game method of pulling words out of a hat – two adjectives and a noun - and then use the imagination with a sense of humour to create a drawing of what the words mean when put together. Make sure to stop by their booth for some all ages family fun! http://www.ulag.ca

University of Lethbridge Bookstore


#Bookstore Tent

Bookstore LogoThe University of Lethbridge Bookstore is our Official Book Seller for The Word On The Street Festival 2017. Please see their location to purchase books by all of the presenting authors, as well as book signings. See the schedule for more details. http://www.uleth.ca/bookstore

University of Lethbridge’s Centre for Oral History and Tradition

Literacy and Arts Organizations

          The Centre for Oral History & Tradition (COHT) seeks to further excellence in the practice of oral history in our academic milieu and in the southern Alberta community at large. COHT will aid researchers when they synthesize, catalyze and develop their research into new ideas; identify, establish and assist oral history projects undertaken in southern Alberta in general; and provide a portal or link to the outer research world.   The University of Lethbridge Centre for Oral History and Tradition (COHT) will offer WOTS children and youth attendees an opportunity to briefly interview a mother, father or legal guardian and have their interview e-mailed to them in an audio file. The Centre is committed to encouraging communities to conduct oral histories of Southern Alberta. The Centre is sponsored by generous gifts by anonymous donors. We invite all Southern ALbertans to attend our Fall and Spring speakers series which are open and free to all. Please see our website for more detailed information:   http://www.uleth.ca/research/centres-institutes/centre-oral-history-and-tradition

YWCA Youth Services


To be a community leader committed to collaborative partnerships in provision of accessible prevention, intervention and support programs and services for the enhancement of women's lives. The YWCA Lethbridge and District is led by a volunteer Board of Directors that follows a Policy Governance Model in order to meet the obligations of the work of our charitable not for profit. Elected by the philosophical members of the YWCA Lethbridge and District, they determine the mission, vision, values and ends of our Association.   The YWCA will be located in the Children's Department for the day during the festival.