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Writer’s Words: Kelley Armstrong

January 5, 2011

Kelley Armstrong read in the Remarkable Reads Tent, presented by Random House of Canada Ltd. and McClelland & Stewart, during Youth Hour.


I suspect that when I took the stage at the Remarkable Reads tent, it looked as if someone had rolled me out of bed a few minutes before, rumpled and bleary-eyed.  I had just finished a twelve-city multi-author tour that I’d co-organized, which culminated the day before an amazing event at the Brampton Chapters and the inaugural Indigo Teen Reads Award party.  My clothing was “whatever was cleanest.”  I’d lost my brush and had to resort to finger-combing.  I think I was wearing makeup, but I can’t guarantee it.

As for what I’d chosen to read…  Having taken a dozen flights in the previous two weeks, I didn’t want to lug a book around for a reading.  So I’d printed out the prologue to my next teen novel and put it in my luggage.  It was no longer in my luggage when I reached Toronto.  I was frantically trying to get ahold of my husband to email it when my daughter—who’d joined me for the day—reminded me that I had it on my website.  Er, right…  So I just needed to download it onto my iPad.  Except that I don’t have 3G.  As we discovered, the University of Toronto wireless network reaches Queen’s Park.  I swiped my daughter’s login info and, presto, I had my chapter.  And I’m sure I looked very high tech up there reading from my iPad.

After the reading, I met an attendee who had adopted me, which was a wonderful chance to take a moment with a reader before I was whisked off to sign.  I had a very nice line, and met new readers and saw familiar faces.  Books were signed.  Photos were taken.  Bookmarks were handed out, and I managed to find good homes for the free books I was given at the Indigo Teen Reads party—having a family of readers meant there were only two in the bag we hadn’t read yet, so I was delighted at the chance to give the others away.

As always, The Word On The Street was a wonderful experience.  Everyone is always so welcoming…and no one says a word if the author looks like something the cat dragged in.