Toronto, Ontario

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Harbourfront Centre | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Festival Accessibility

ASL Programming | Programmation en langage ASL

On Sunday, September 24th, at Harbourfront Centre, visitors could attend nine ASL-interpreted readings, activities, and discussions on six programmed stages. The Word On The Street was again proud to partner with Ontario Cultural Society of the Deaf and Silent Voice Canada to present the following schedule of ASL accessible events. You can identify the ASL-interpreted segments in the program and our Festival at Glance pages by the distinctive ASL symbol.

Le dimanche 24 septembre au Centre Harbourfront, les visiteurs peuvent assister à neuf lectures interprétées en langage ASL, activités et discussions sur les six scènes de la programmation. The Word on the Street est fier de collaborer à nouveau avec l’Ontario Cultural Society of the Deaf et Silent Voice Canada pour présenter ce programme d’événements accessibles en langage ASL. Vous reconnaîtrez les segments interprétés en langage ASL dans le programme et les pages Festival en un coup d’œil grâce au symbole distinctif de l’ASL.


Stolen Words | Melanie Florence

11: 30AM – 12:00AM
Indigenous Voices

The story of the beautiful relationship between a little girl and her grandfather. When she asks her grandfather how to say something in his language – Cree – he admits that his language was stolen from him when he was a boy. The little girl then sets out to help her grandfather find his language again. This sensitive and warmly illustrated picture book explores the intergenerational impact of the residential school system that separated young Indigenous children from their families.

The Owl and the Lemming

12:00PM – 12:20PM
Indigenous Voices

As Owl swoops down on an unsuspecting lemming outside her den, he is sure that he has a tasty meal in the little animal he has cornered. But this lemming is not about to be eaten! This smart little rodent will need to appeal to the boastful owl’s sense of pride to get away. Based on an Inuit traditional story, this book is a fun and cheeky tale that is sure to amuse young readers.

The Patch | Chris Turner

12:00PM – 12:30PM Bestsellers Stage

Bestselling author Chris Turner brings readers onto the streets of Fort McMurray, showing the myriad ways the oil sands affects our lives. The Patch is the definitive story of the oil sands and its high-stakes collision between two conflicting world views—one of industrial triumph and another of environmental stewardship. Told through the eyes of those who live in it day-to-day, with remarkable clarity and urgency, The Patch asks if we are to both fuel the world and save it, what do we do about The Patch?

Through the Eyes of a Child | Panel

12:30PM – 1:00PM Bestsellers Stage

What happens when a sprawling, whimsical, and ultra modern family greets their grumpy, conservative grandfather for a long-term stay? How powerful can the decision of a child be? Join us as Deborah Ellis and Emma Donoghue help us answer these questions and more as they present their latest works for children.

Home and the Heart | Panel

2:30PM – 3:15PM
Teen Spirit Stage

Whether fighting alone to get back to family or fighting with family to protect the people you call home, Aviaq Johnston and Rick Revelle’s books explore the ways we fight for what we love.

Cooking with the Wolfman | Panel

2:30PM – 3:30PM
Cooks 'N' Books Stage

In Cooking with the Wolfman David Wolfman, a classically trained chef, and Marlene Finn blend together all the necessary ingredients to craft a special treat – Indigenous Fusion. Combining storytelling, Indigenous recipes, classical cooking techniques, traditional ingredients, culture and history they have created both a highly useable cookbook and a revelatory story of personal experiences. Woven between the unique recipes are reflections on their relationship with food as individuals and as a family, as well as stories and practices from diverse indigenous nations across the Americas.

Covering everything from the origin of bannock to the finer points of filleting a fish, Cooking with the Wolfman is accessible and engaging for cooks of all levels – from foodies looking to try locally foraged ingredients to Indigenous cooks interested in new ways to enjoy traditional foods.

ASL Storytelling, Rhythms, and Rhymes | OCSD and Silent Voice

3:15PM – 4:00PM
Learning Station

See storytelling like never before. Meet renowned Deaf storyteller Delia Avarell who brings American Sign Language (ASL), Deaf culture, and Deaf heritage to the stage introducing you to rhymes and rhythms, personification, poetry, rap, and storytelling like no other, told in rich and beautiful ASL, celebrating the language and experience of Deaf Canadians. Experience the joy of ASL stories, the engagement of parent and child through rhymes and rhythms, and the art of ASL poetry, rap, and comedy. Be moved and inspired by these talented artists.

The Female Experience | Panel

– 4:15PM
Great Books Marquee

Being a woman means many things to many people, but all can agree that womanhood comes with a unique set of challenges. Marianne Apostolides explores her experiences with love and loss through a poetic memoir. Karen Connelly brings us Eliza Keenan, a woman who considers herself happy in life and in love – until she meets her, and everything changes.

Storytelling as Embodied Literacy | Parkdale Project Reads

4:15PM – 5:00PM
Learning Station

Learn how African drumming and storytelling can engage adult literacy learners and community members. Explore rhythm activities and oral storytelling techniques that make connections between language and culture.

This program will demonstrate how we learn at Parkdale Project Read—we play, we collaborate, and we learn together in a supportive community.

Please join us in honouring the legacy of our founder, Dr. Rita Cox, who has mentored generations of storytellers to continue the tradition of oral storytelling as a form of embodied literacy.

At Information Booths


Interpreter Students from George Brown College are also available for ASL communication in the TD KidStreet Information Booth throughout the day.


Les étudiants en interprétation du Collège George Brown sont également disponibles pour la communication en ASL au kiosque d’information TD KidStreet tout au long de la journée.