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Emily O’Kane Becomes the Queen of Volunteers

June 20, 2016

It’s official, our office is now as full as it’s ever been with FIVE members making sure to bring you our best festival yet! The newest addition: Emily O’Kane, our much-loved Volunteer Coordinator. Emily will be managing our ever-growing group of volunteers, the volunteer activity days the Ontario Science Centre, and determining who gets the best positions at the festival – read her answers below so you can get on her good side!


If you’d like to volunteer at this year’s festival, visit our Volunteer Registration page, fill out the form, and Emily will be in touch ASAP.



How long have you been reading?

Since I was a wee little thing. Dr. Seuss has always kept me on the edge of my seat.


What book are you reading now?

Christopher Moore’s Fool. It’s provided me with plenty of public laughing fits, and odd looks on the subway.


What part of reading brings you the most joy?

I love seeing myself in characters and situations. I love the moments when I can be like, “YES! Thank you! That’s exactly what I’d do/say!”


Have you ever fallen in love with a character from a book?

Oh, constantly! Most recently, Eileen from Matthew Thomas’ We Are Not Ourselves captured my heart.


What does your reading space look like?

Now that it’s lovely outside I’ve taken up space on my patio, next to my very unfortunate looking aloe plant.


If you could have any living writer volunteer for The Word On The Street, whether they speak English or not, who would they be and what would you have them do at the festival?

My mind immediately goes to Christopher Moore. I think he would be great as an Information Booth Attendant, having a chance to interact with the many festival patrons. I definitely think he’d be a hoot and would bring a great energy to the volunteer team. It’s imperative to have volunteers on your team who channel positivity, initiative, kindness, and, of course, a great sense of humor!


If you could come back as an edible crop, what you want to be? And what dish would you want to be made in to?

Sweet potato 100%. Although I enjoy them any which way, the dish that wins is sweet potato pie… or fries…or chips… I can’t decide, now I’m too excited!


If John and Jane appeared to be getting attacked by a bear, why were they not running away? 

Anything to survive an episode of Man vs. Wild. That Bear be crazy.



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