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CBC Headliner Stage Host Bob Murphy

CBC Headliner Stage Host Bob Murphy

Photo Credit: CBC Nova Scotia

Bob Murphy 

CBC Headliner Tent 12 Noon


Bob Murphy is the host of CBC Radio One’s MARITIME NOON. Bob began his CBC career in Charlottetown as a reporter in 1989. He next moved to Moncton, working as a reporter and then as a correspondent for MARITIME NOON. In 2001, he completed the Maritimes trifecta with a move to Halifax. Bob also worked a year in Toronto with National Radio News and the Queen’s Park legislature in between Charlottetown and Moncton. Over the years his work in the Investigative Unit and as host for almost three years of CBC Mainstreet (the afternoon show in Mainland Nova Scotia) have earned him the respect of the audience and his many colleagues.

Bob pairs his passion for truth and democracy with a love for the story-telling that makes this part of Canada unique. His experience and his deep connection to all three Maritime provinces ensures MARITIME NOON continues to spark conversations that are relevant and important to Maritimers. Follow Bob @BobMurphyCBC or @CBCMaritimeNoon

 Bob is celebrating his 3rd anniversary as a CBC Headliner Stage Host and we invite you to join him in conversation with The Honourable Mayann Francis at 12 noon in the CBC Tent on the main plaza.