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Our 2017 Festival Line Up was Outstanding!  Thank You to Everyone Who Joined Us.   Click on the alphabet letters below to see participants according to their last name.   Since 1990, The Word On The Street has proudly hosted some of the finest talent in Canadian literature.   Plans for our 2018 Festival our now underway and our call for author submissions is now open!

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Trevor J. Adams - Libraries 150 Panel Discussion: Reading Nova Scotia: The Global Attraction of our Hyperlocal

Trevor J. Adams is the editor of Halifax Magazine and Senior Editor with Metro Guide Publishing, where he oversees an editorial department that creates some 15 different titles. In 2012, he published “Long Shots: The Curious Story of the Four Maritime Teams That Played For the Stanley Cup” (from Nimbus), his first solo book. In 2014, he was short-listed for the Editors’ Association of Canada’s Tom Fairley Award for Editorial Excellence. He won silver Atlantic Journalism Awards for Editorial Commentary in 2015 and 2016.

Don Aker – Scars and Other Stories

A former teacher, Don Aker first put pen to paper in 1988 while taking a summer course for educators held on the Island of Martha’s Vineyard, where participants were encouraged to write along with their students to model strategies for composing and revising. Now the bestselling author of 20 books, Don is internationally recognized for his young adult fiction, which has earned him multiple honours including Atlantic Canada’s Ann Connor Brimer Award (2004, 1996), the Canadian Authors Association’s Lilla Stirling Award (2007, 1996), the Ontario Library Association’s White Pine Award (2004) and Honour Book Award (2106), and the Canadian Library Association’s Honour Book Award (2008).

Although best known for his realistic novels for teens, Don began his literary career writing short stories for adults, which have also earned him considerable acclaim. His very first story, “The Invitation”, won the Atlantic Writing Competition, garnered a $10 000 Telefilm Canada grand for adaptation to a feature-length screenplay, and was longlisted for the prestigious Journey Prize Award. “The Invitation” appears with 19 others in Don’s latest book Scars and Other Stories, which includes a varied assemblage of characters indelibly marked by the situations they experience. The father of two grown daughters, Don lives with his wife in Port George on Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy, where he is currently working on two books.


About the Book

“The scar didn’t use to show,” says Daniel, the narrator of the title story. But scars have a way of manifesting themselves, visually or otherwise, and the stories in this collection illustrate a varied compendium of characters marked in some way by their injuries.

Having lost a breast to cancer, a young woman visits a psychic seeking answers to the questions in her life. A bullied boy finds solace in the arrival of another unfortunate who has attracted the attention of his tormentors. A divorced father attempts to shield his young daughter from the trauma of tragedy. An eight-year-old boy witness’s death for the first time, a massage therapist is unnerved by the discovery he makes about a new client, and a young widow flounders in her struggle to cope with the loss of her husband. These and other characters come to vivid life in stories told with the sensitivity and skill that has earned the author continued critical praise.

Anas Atakora - En attendant le poeme

Anas Atakora is a poet, fiction and nonfiction writer from Togo. He is the author of 3 poetry books, and has had his third one, En attendant le poème, appear in early 2015 in Brest, France. He is the co-author of a book of essays titled Je et enjeux (2014). The upcoming Tante Béa will be his first short stories collection. Anas Atakora has also poems published in a lot of anthologies such as Ce soir quand tu verras Patrice (2015), a poetry anthology on Congolese historical figure Patrice Lumumba.

He is IWP 2015 fellow (International Writing Program, Iowa, USA).

He is currently a PhD candidate at Dalhousie University, Halifax, and French instructor at St Francis Xavier University, Antigonish. In 2008, Atakora received the ‘Plumes émergentes’ literary award from the University of Lomé, Togo.


Julie Anne Babin - Colour Nova Scotia

Artist Julie Ann Babin has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Dalhousie University and Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD). Her art show at 21st Century Billiards Club was extraordinary for its diversity and range and introduced her as an important new Canadian talent. Ms Babin is also the illustrator behind the bestselling book Strange Nova Scotia (with Vernon Oickle). She lives in Liverpool and owns The Welcome Matte Frame Shoppe.




About the Book

From one of Nova Scotia’s most colourful artists comes Colour Nova Scotia. This adult colouring book is 80 pages of some of the most beautiful and brilliant Nova Scotia scenes ever gathered in one book. Artist Julie Anne Babin presents you with the opportunity to transform these stunning images with your own colour choices. If you love Nova Scotia, you’ll love Colour Nova Scotia!

Odette Barr, Colleen Landry, Beth Weatherbee - Take Off to Tantramar

Odette Barr, Colleen Landry and Beth Weatherbee are New Brunswick teachers. Their first collaboration resulted in the early chapter book, Follow the Goose Butt, Camelia Airheart! Once again, each author brings a unique perspective to this second Camelia Airheart picture book which features Odette Barr’s colour artwork. They give a very dynamic reading as well as writing workshops on the collaborative process and are developing writing workshops for children.

Odette Barr is a published illustrator of nature-themed guidebooks, such as the Beach Guide and Forest Guide to Fundy National Park. She currently writes, designs and teaches online science courses for high school students. Her passion is the natural world, outdoor pursuits, art, reading, writing and music. Odette and her partner live on the shore of the beautiful Northumberland Strait in southeast New Brunswick.

Colleen Landry teaches high school writing and fine arts. She has authored several articles, which have appeared in Canadian Living, The Globe and Mail and The Irish Times. She pens the humour blog One Hot-Flashin’ Mama, in which she dishes about menopause and family life. Colleen lives in Moncton, NB, with her husband and two grown sons.

Beth Weatherbee is the creative author of the 2015 Born to Read book, Bedda-Bye Maritime Rhyme. In 2016, her poem, Maritime Melange, was chosen by Symphony New Brunswick as a companion piece to one of their orchestral performances. Beth is a musician, performer, director, and writer of numerous theatre productions. She lives with her husband in beautiful Baie Verte, NB.






About the Book

Camelia Airheart is back! The endearing young Canada goose is on an adventure to the Tantramar Wetlands, in southeast New Brunswick. She is looking for “leg bling” just like the kind her Aunt Tilly has. As always, Camelia is easily distracted and needs help along the way.

In Take off to Tantramar, Camelia flies with her big brother, McCurdy, in search of the famous wetlands. There, they meet Drake, a chubby, rapping mallard duck, who can’t get enough of the “corn buffet”. While at the wetlands, Camelia and McCurdy get separated, and each has an adventure–Drake falls for an “inhabitant” of the wetlands while Camelia experiences the surprising (to her!) process of being banded, resulting in her getting a shiny leg band to call her own!

Laura Best - Cammie Takes Flight

Laura Best has had over 40 short stories published in literary magazines and anthologies. Her first young adult novel, Bitter, Sweet, was shortlisted for the Geoffrey Bilson Award for Historical Fiction for Young People and made the Best Books for Kids and Teens 2011 list. She lives in East Dalhousie, Nova Scotia, with her husband, Brian.

Visit lauraabest.wordpress.com.

About the Book

Visually impaired and abandoned by her parents, Cammie Turple was raised by her tenacious bootlegging aunt in rural Tanner, Nova Scotia. After Cammie and her best friend, Evelyn Merry, destroy the local moonshine still, forcing Evelyn’s alcoholic father to sober up but nearly killing Evelyn in the process, Cammie convinces her aunt to send her to the Halifax School for the Blind. Cammie Takes Flight finds Cammie navigating life at her new school, armed with an envelope with her estranged mother’s address on it. Unsure if she can trust her new friend, Nessa, Cammie enlists her help in tracking her mother down.

Allan Billard - Best Nova Scotia Beaches

A biologist and naturalist, Allan Billard has been involved in Nova Scotia’s outdoor recreation and tourism industries since 1988. He is the author of 3 previous books: Waterfalls, Lighthouses of Nova Scotia, and the recent bestseller Beaches of Nova Scotia. He lives in Fall River, Nova Scotia.

Some of the finest beaches in the world can be found in Nova Scotia — if you know where to go. In his book, Best Beaches of Nova Scotia, Allan Billard selects 27, from one end of the province to the other. Some of these are widely known, while others are local, out-of-the-way gems. For anyone looking to bask in the sun, head out on a surfboard, or hike alongside crashing waves, this book identifies the top options from around the province. There are key details on each beach, including information on lifeguards, terrain and seasonal availability, and cell phone reception. Allan Billard’s illuminating text also explores the unique natural history of each of these beaches, offering insight into why each one is special


twitter – Formac books

About the Book

Some of the finest beaches in the world can be found in Nova Scotia — if you know where to go. In his book, Best Beaches of Nova Scotia, Allan Billard selects 27, from one end of the province to the other. Some of these are widely known, while others are local, out-of-the-way gems. For anyone looking to bask in the sun, head out on a surfboard, or hike alongside crashing waves, this book identifies the top options from around the province. There are key details on each beach, including information on lifeguards, terrain and seasonal availability, and cell phone reception. Allan Billard’s illuminating text also explores the unique natural history of each of these beaches, offering insight into why each one is special

John Boileau 6-12-17 The Halifax Explosion

On December 6, 1917, two tramp steamers, the Mont-Blanc and the Imo, collided in #wartime #Halifax Harbour, creating what became the largest man-made explosion of its time. More than 2000 people died, 9,000 were injured, 6,000 people were left homeless and an additional 19,000 were left without adequate shelter. In a combination of images and text, John Boileau delivers a breathtaking account of the magnitude of this event. This is the HalifaxExplosion book of the season.

About the Book

On December 6, 1917, two tramp steamers, the Mont-Blanc and the Imo, collided in #wartime #Halifax Harbour, creating what became the largest man-made explosion of its time. More than 2000 people died, 9,000 were injured, 6,000 people were left homeless and an additional 19,000 were left without adequate shelter. In a combination of images and text, John Boileau delivers a breathtaking account of the magnitude of this event. This is the Halifax Explosion book of the season.

John O. O’Brien

Michel Bourque - Rideau Rouge et Pignons Verts/ Meet Me at Green Gables

Michel Bourque has written English and French adaptations of children’s books like A Blue So Blue (Jean François Dumont, Prix Saint-Exupéry) and Les vacances de Claire (Maxine Trottier and Rajka Kupesic, Mr. Christie’s Book Award). His new children’s books, Meet Me at Green Gables and Rideau rouge et pignons verts, which he wrote in English and French, are illustrated by Jean-Luc Trudel. The two companion picture books are inspired by the true story of best friends Gracie Finley and Glenda Landry, who brilliantly played kindred spirits Anne and Diana on stage in the musical of Anne of Green Gables. Michel lives in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, across the sea from Cocagne, where he grew up in New Brunswick.

Twitter: @MichelBourque12

Facebook: facebook.com/michel.bourque.92


About the Book

Gracie Finley and Glenda Landry, two young girls from Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, both dream of being on stage. This is in the 1960s, just as the Confederation Centre of the Arts opens its doors in their hometown. Gracie and Glenda soon join the new theatre’s company of actors and become best friends. To the delight of audiences, they take on the roles of kindred spirits Anne and Diana in the marvelous musical inspired by the novel Anne of Green Gables.

Jean-Luc Trudel lives in Montreal, Quebec. He created the beautiful and colourful illustrations for the picture book Le pit a papa, a charming retelling of the childhood of Prince Edward Island’s iconic singer-songwriter Angele Arsenault. The picture book Ma petite boule d’amour, which he created with celebrated author, playwright and actress Jasmine Dube, was shortlisted for the TD Canadian Children’s Literature Award.


Une histoire de théâtre, tout à fait vraie ! Deux jeunes filles qui rêvent de jouer, de chanter et de danser au théâtre voient leur rêve se réaliser grâce à la comédie musicale tirée du célèbre roman Anne…la maison aux pignons verts. N’est-ce pas fascinant quand la réalité rejoint la fiction ? Dans les années 1960, Gracie Finley et Glenda Landry de l’Île-du-Prince-Édouard rêvaient, chacune de leur côté, de faire leur vie en brûlant les planches ! Au même moment, se construisait le magnifique théâtre du Centre des arts de la Confédération, à Charlottetown. Après des années de cours, de répétitions et d’auditions, les routes de Gracie et Glenda se sont enfin croisées au sein de la troupe du Centre. Elles deviennent les meilleures amies du monde dans la vraie vie. Elles joueront ensemble, partout sur la planète, les inséparables Anne et Diana de la comédie musicale Anne… la maison aux pignons verts.

Alex Boutilier - From 14th Colony to Confederation: Governors, Placemen and the Merchant Elite

Alex D Boutilier was born in Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, and grew up in the shadow of the Princess Colliery. His interest in theatre began as a teenager when he was involved in several stage productions while in high school. Later, he would act in performances put on by the Dartmouth Players in the early 1990s. Alex’s ancestors were among the foreign Protestants, or Huguenots (many originally from Montbeliard annexed by France) from French-speaking principalities that were brought to Halifax by the British in 1752 and went on to found Lunenburg a year later.

He has travelled extensively throughout England and France visiting medieval churches, museums, archeological sites and ancient ruins. His intimate knowledge of local and regional history is not simply based on studies via library or archival research, but is well informed through personal travel, having toured virtually all British and French colonial fortifications within the Maritimes, Quebec and Ontario. Alex believes that history is not fixed in time, but that it constantly changes and expands as new information is revealed.

His favourite authors include social historians, such as J. C. Furnas; cultural writers such as Arthur Koestler; the literary critic, Harold Bloom; and his favourite playwright is the great bard himself, William Shakespeare. Alex enjoys studying, researching and writing “social history”, which he finds highly informative and suggests it can be “unexpectedly hilarious” at times.

Alex studied at Saint Mary’s University, graduating with BA degrees in English and Psychology, as well as an MA in Atlantic Canada Studies. From 1998 to 2005, he was an instructor for the Saint Mary’s University Writing Centre.

This book is his second trade publication (with a third one currently being researched and drafted); his thesis was also published, along with several professional articles. Alex presented a course for SCANS during the winter of 2015-16—with some 44-54 attending weekly —- which they find both informative and rather hilarious; his presentations are historical, but with humour drawn from the18th and 19th C. and interjected into contemporary society. It is the expectation that this new title will follow on a similar path, with numerous lectures to historical and seniors’ groups. His humour in these presentations is what keeps listeners and readers asking for more.

About the Book

Governors, Placemen, and the Merchant Elite describes military men, aristocrats and the rich and powerful who ruled the 14th Colony until responsible government in 1848. This book demystifies the lives of the rich and the powerful of that time; and traces the experiences of those who fought to be heard, as well as the struggles of people who strained every nerve to survive, and were often victims of the power systems of that era. A common thread running through the chapters in this manuscript focuses on the circumstances in which each governor and lieutenant-governor found himself, and what he did to remedy a specific situation; and how each, in his own way, brought Nova Scotia a step closer to Confederation. Some achieved what they set out to do, others were hampered by existing conditions, and a few, who were extraordinary, propelled society forward. Some were not without flaws, but their faults only served to illuminate the excellence of others.


H.W. Browne - A Moose in the Dark

H.W. Browne writes poetry and short fiction, received her Master of Fine Art degree from UBC. “Beach Glass” was shortlisted for the Peter Hinchcliff Short Story Award in 2014. She has several books of poetry. A native New Brunswicker, she now lives in Ontario and continues mentoring creative writers, and of course, learning from the water.

Tightrope Books – A Moose in the Dark

facebook Tightrope Books

About the Book

H.W. Browne’s debut short fiction collection, A Moose in the Dark, questions our ways of knowing. In a world where cathedrals, churches, and temples no longer bind communities, hers is a search for connectivity. Whether a moose prepares the way for old friends desperate to communicate, or a skull saves a child from drowning, Browne’s stories risk the intervention of the uncanny, and immersion in the elements.

Carol Bruneau - A Bird on Every Tree

Carol Bruneau is the author of 6 books: 2 short fiction collections and 4 novels, including the recently released These Good Hands. Her first novel, Purple for Sky, won the 2001 Thomas Head Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award and the Dartmouth Book Award. Her 2007 novel, Glass Voices, was a Globe and Mail Best Book and has become a book club favourite. Her reviews, stories, and essays have appeared nationwide in newspapers, journals, and anthologies. A mother of three sons, she lives with her husband in Halifax, where she teaches writing at NSCAD University.

How far does place go in shaping how we self-identify?
A Bird on Every Tree, coming this fall from Nimbus Publishing’s Vagrant Press, is a collection of stories that explore the problem of situating ourselves, globally and spiritually, between what’s known and what’s unknown, what feels safe and what feels dangerous.





Terrilee Bulger - Libraries 150 Panel Discussion: Reading Nova Scotia: The Global Attraction of our Hyperlocal

Terrilee Bulger is the co-owner of Nimbus Publishing in Halifax, the largest English publisher east of Toronto  and the owner of the Acorn Press, a Prince Edward Island based literary publisher.

Angela Campagnoni - I Want to See My Papa

A Former Fashion Designer, and Executive Director of Atlantic Fashion Week,  Angela Campagnoni was the 2016 Winner of the Women of Spirit Award, and was listed in Canadian Living Magazine as a Top 40 Change Maker. Angela lives in Halifax with her husband and three daughters – Mackenzie, Alexis, and Skylar – and two adorable but mischievous Yorkshire Terriers. I Want to See my Papa is a heartfelt story to help children deal with loss and grief through healing & love.

Facebook – Angela Campagnoni

About the Book

Little Bear struggles to understand what it means when he is told he would no longer be able to see his Papa. He questions those around him as he tries to bring meaning to why his Papa is gone. Through his memories and dreams, Little Bear goes on a journey to realize his Papa will always be with him.

Bridget Canning - The Greatest Hits of Wanda Jaynes

Bridget Canning’s short fiction has been short-listed for The Cuffer Prize and won awards with the BC Federation of Writers Literary Writes competition and the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts and Letters. In 2015, The Greatest Hits of Wanda Jaynes (then titled Impulse) received an Honourable Mention with the Atlantic Writing Competition. Her writing has been published in several Canadian literary journals including Riddle Fence and Sulphur. She was selected as one of the 2015 apprentices with the Writers Alliance of Newfoundland and Labrador’s Mentorship Program. She lives in St. John’s where she writes and works as a College Instructor.

About the Book

Wanda Jaynes is about to lose her job amidst a mountain of bills, and she suspects her musician boyfriend might be romantically interested in his friend, Trish. But Wanda’s life changes radically on a routine trip to the grocery store when a gunman enters the supermarket and opens fire.


The Greatest Hits of Wanda Jaynes

The Greatest Hits of Wanda Jaynes

Quentin Casey - The Sea Was In Their Blood: The Disappearance of the Miss Alley’s Five Man Crew

Quentin Casey is a journalist who holds a master’s degree in Maritime history from Dalhousie University. His writing appears regularly in The Financial Post, Progress magazine, Saltscapes, and the New Brunswick Telegraph-Journal. An avid sailor, he has also authored Joshua Slocum: The Captain Who Sailed Around the World. As of June 1, Quentin Casey’s new book, The Sea Was in Their Blood: The Disappearance of the Miss Ally‘s Five-Man Crew, has almost sold out of its first print run. 1000 copies have been sold in Barrington Passage alone.

About the Book

It was a frigid night in February 2013 when the lights aboard the Miss Ally, a 12-metre fishing boat, malfunctioned. The Miss Ally’s crew, five young men from southern Nova Scotia, knew a wicked storm was approaching, but they also had thousands of dollars of fishing equipment baited and set on the ocean floor. Instead of gunning for shore, they decided to stay until morning and try to locate their buoys, nets, and hooks by daylight; the decision proved fatal. Through interviews with the crew’s families and co-workers, the Coast Guard Joint Rescue Co-ordination Team, and members of the tight-knit fishing communities of Woods Harbour and Cape Sable Island, award-winning journalist Quentin Casey pieces together the night the Miss Ally foundered, weaving in the backstories and the aftermath of this tragic accident.



Veronika Martenova Charles - The Land Beyond the Wall: An Immigration Story Children’s Books

Veronika Martenova Charles grew up in Prague, Czechoslovakia. When her grandmother put a stop to her drawing classes, she became a singer instead. After her dramatic arrival to Canada, she studied art at university and became an award-winning author and illustrator. Her books include Maiden of the Mist and The Birdman. Veronika is currently researching the future of children’s storytelling in doctoral studies.


About the Book

Emma lives on the grey, cold, lonely side of a wall, where people speak in whispers and no flowers grow. On the other side, there is happiness and colour, but she can never go there. When Emma’s parents disappear, she is sent to live with her Aunt Lily, who, “just like the land withered from lack of sunshine, was broken by the life she led.” One day, Aunt Lily discovers Emma drawing and dashes her niece’s dream of becoming an artist. That is, until one day, when a strange boat captain, and an even stranger boat, arrive, and she leaves her world behind forever.

Following Emma’s arrival in a strange land (Halifax’s Pier 21), her placement in a group home, and the discovery of her voice through art, The Land Beyond the Wall is a beautifully rendered allegory that uses magic realism to confront the harsh realities of immigration, and the universal struggle of finding one’s voice, and one’s place in the world

Lesley Choyce - The Unlikely Redemption of Alexander MacNeil

Lesley Choyce is the author of over 90 books. His previous verse novel, Jeremy Stone, was shortlisted for a Governor General’s Award. He runs Pottersfield Press and teaches creative writing at Dalhousie University. He has won The Dartmouth Book Award, The Atlantic Poetry Prize and The Ann Connor Brimer Award. He lives at Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia.

Lesley Choyce

The Unlikely Redemption of Alexander MacNeil

About the Book

John Alexander MacNeil is eighty years old. Sharp-tongued and quick-witted, he lives alone in rural Cape Breton, but he still cooks breakfast for his wife, who’s been dead for thirty years. He silently starts to question his own mind after stopping to pick up a hitchhiker — a hitchhiker who turns out to be his neighbour’s mailbox. Everything shifts, though, when Emily, a pregnant teenager, shows up at his house with no place else to go. Determined to help Emily as best as he can, John must also keep the wolves from his door, and maintain some semblance of sanity.



Lesley Crewe - Mary Mary

Lesley Crewe is the author of several novels, including Amazing Grace, Chloe Sparrow, Kin, and Relative Happiness, which has been adapted into a feature film. Previously a columnist and freelance writer, Lesley lives in Homeville, Nova Scotia.

Visit her at lesleycrewe.com

About the Book

In a Cape Breton family of black sheep, Mary is pure as the driven snow. She is patient and kind with her alcoholic grandmother and volatile mother, loyal and attentive to her spoiled cousin, and pleasant and polite all day as a grocery cashier. Her well-off aunt, the only other normal person in the family, wants to help her more, but Mary’s mother is too prickly and proud. So Mary goes to work, comes home, takes care of her family, and wonders if there’ll ever be more to life.When a young couple moves into the apartment upstairs, it sparks a series of changes that leads to major family revelations, and Mary discovers that sometimes doing the wrong thing is the exact right thing to do. Tender, authentic, and crackling with Lesley’s irrepressible humor, Mary, Mary is a book for anyone who’s ever had a family-good, bad, or a messy mix of both.

Phillip Crymble - Not Even Laughter

Phillip Crymble received his MFA from the University of Michigan and now lives in Fredericton where he is a SSHRC doctoral fellow in the English Department at UNB. A poetry editor at The Fiddlehead since 2012 and the recipient of 2 Canada Council for the Arts professional writer grants, as well as creation grant from Arts New Brunswick, his poems have appeared in The Malahat ReviewCV2The Literary Review of CanadaThe New QuarterlyArcOxford PoetryPoetry Ireland ReviewThe Salt Anthology of New Writing 2013The Forward Book of Poetry 2017, and elsewhere. Selected by Jan Zwicky as the winner of this year’s Thomas Morton Prize for poetry, Phillip was recently invited to perform at FogLit in Saint John, as well as at The Frye Festival in Moncton. In 2016, Not Even Laughter, his first full-length collection, was a finalist for both the JM Abraham Prize and the New Brunswick Book Award for Poetry.

Facebook – Salmon Poetry

Twitter: Phillip Crymble


Kerri Cull - Rock Paper Sex: The oldest profession in Canada's oldest city

Kerri Cull has a graduate degree in English from Memorial University of Newfoundland and is the founder of the former Book Fridge blog for which she interviewed writers and reviewed a few hundred books over a two year span. She has written for a handful of newspapers and magazines, has authored one book of poetry called Soak (2012) and is currently working on a novel based on her Cuffer Prize shortlisted story, What Do You Know About Wrestling? She lives and works in St. John’s.

About the book

St. John’s is known as a flourishing port city, a cultural gem, and popular tourist destination: a picturesque city of pubs and restaurants, music and colourful houses. But a thriving sex trade quietly exists beneath that polished conception, a trade few are aware of or even understand. In an engaging journalistic style, Kerri Cull respectfully reveals the people who make up the city’s surprisingly diverse sex industry and, in the process, makes a compelling humanistic argument for understanding before judgment.


Breakwater Books – Kerri Cull

Amelia Curran - Relics and Tunes: The Songs of Amelia Curran

Amelia Curran is a singer-songwriter and a mental health advocate from st. John’s, Newfoundland. After independently releasing her first album, War Brides, in 2006, she was signed to Six Shooter Records. Each of her next three albums were nominated for Juno awards, and Hunter Hunter won the Juno award for Roots and Traditional Solo Album of the Year in 2010. Her highly anticipated fifth album, Watershed, is now available from Six Shooter.

About the Book

To celebrate the career of one of Canada’s most respected singer-songwriters, Relics and Tunes makes Juno Award-winning Amelia Curran’s lyrics available in print for the first time. With all of her chords and lyrics published in an elegant and easy-to-use format, this collection will delight everyone from the novice to the well-travelled professional musician. Covering her first five albums (including the remarkable new release, WatershedRelics and Tunes stands as an indispensable addition to your Amelia Curran library.



Michael deAdder - You Might Be From Canada If...

Michael de Adder is a singular talent. Among Canadian and American elite cartoonists, de Adder is regarded as one of North America’s great artists. He has won the American Association for Editorial Cartooning Golden Spike Award and has been nominated for a Reuben. In addition to The Chronicle Herald, de Adder draws for the Toronto Star and is the cartoonist of record for the (Parliament) Hill Times. His work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, Vanity Fair, and The Guardian, among many others. He is the author of four bestselling books.




About the book

You Might Be From Canada If . . . is a delightful, illustrated romp through this country as it celebrates its 150th birthday. Michael de Adder delivers his unique take on this one-of-a-kind country, tickling the funny bone on every page. As de Adder proves, this is a country that is proud of who it is and likes nothing better than a good laugh.

Glenn Deir - The Money Shot

Glenn Deir is a former CBC television reporter who lives in St. John’s. He used three decades worth of journalistic black humour to write The Money Shot. His memoir, Sick Joke: Cancer, Japan and Back Again, was shortlisted for a Newfoundland and Labrador Book Award for non-fiction.

Breakwater Books – The Money Shot

About the Book

Sebastian Hunter is a rake and womanizer. He’s also a star reporter for the CBC. He has the money shot of a luxurious house falling over a cliff, and the whole world is watching. He’s about to take down the chief of police and is working a story that could topple a government. Everything is lining up. Engaged to the boss’s daughter, Sebastian’s path to the anchor seat on the nightly news broadcast seems a foregone conclusion. But when foreign correspondent Ethan Tremblay threatens Sebastian’s rise, someone’s career has to die.



Barbara DeLory - Historic Halifax Streetscapes, then and now

Born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Barbara DeLory is married to Cullen and has raised four children. She received her MLS from Dalhousie University in 1985 and was employed as a librarian at the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources for 10 years, retiring in 1998. Now she researches and writes about the history she observes in her daily life in old, historic Halifax.

Old Halifax is a walking city – so much is accessible on foot: the city streets and sidewalks are filled with interesting and historic public buildings, residences and objects of public art. Although much has been written about these historic city structures, much more can now be added and in a format conducive to walking these city streets. Therefore, in 2011, Barbara published Three Centuries of Public Art (a coffee table book); today she presents v.1 of Historic Halifax Streetscapes, then and now –  three walking tours – designed to carry in one’s hand, or in a pocket or handbag.

About the Book

This pocket-sized handbook Historic Halifax Streetscapes, contains 103 essays and 126 photos of historical structures: personal residences, iconic businesses and selected landmarks in downtown Halifax. The architecture, historical past, contemporary usage and possible future are discussed. Designed for three tours, with detailed walking maps and clear directions, but do what is comfortable in a day’s outing – make it an enjoyable experience, including lunch. It is a companion to Three Centuries of Public Art, a coffee-table publication covering the public art, sculpture and monuments of the entire expanded city on both sides of the harbour, as well as those in suburban and rural communities.


Barbara DeLory




John DeMont and Belle DeMont - The Little Tree By the Sea: From Halifax to Boston with Love

Writer – John DeMont is the best-selling and award-winning author of Citizens Irving: The Irvings of New Brunswick and The Last Best Place: Lost in the Heart of Nova Scotia. He has written for many publications, including the Financial Times, Canadian Geographic, The Walrus, and Maclean’s, where he was Atlantic bureau chief for 10 years.

Illustrator – Belle DeMont is John’s daughter. Her love of visual story telling brought her to NSCAD where she developed into a very special talent. She continues to live and work in her hometown, Halifax. Although The Little Tree By the Sea is Belle’s first book, it singles the emergence of a major young talent on the provincial art scene.

Nimbus – The Little Tree by the Sea

Twitter – John DeMont


About the Book

On December 6, 1917, two ships collided in wartime Halifax Harbour, creating what became the largest

man-made explosion of its time. More than 2000 people died (500 of those children) and 9,000 were

injured. A single little tree whispered from its branches the word “Help” that was carried by the wind to

the people of Boston. Within 48 hours Boston and Massachusetts organized trains to carry 33 doctors

and 79 nurses. To repay the City of Boston for its generosity, the little tree (which now had become huge

and majestic tree) was given to the city of Boston as a way to say thank you, a tradition that continues to

this day.



Angela Doak - Atlantic Animal ABC

Angela Doak is a collage artist and photographer. All of her work is done first as collage, made up of fabric, candy and gum wrappers, misprints, junk mail, and just about anything else that fits the image she’s making at the time. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with her husband and two children.



About the Book

From Atlantic puffin to zooplankton, with lots of wild Atlantic Canadiana in between–like lobster, brown bat, moon jellyfish, porcupine, and more–Atlantic Animal ABCs is the perfect introduction for young ones to the region’s wildlife.

Pitch the Publisher Presented By Atlantic Publishers Marketing Association

Blow the dust off that manuscript and sort through your USB sticks – it’s almost time for the APMA’s Pitch the Publisher and Blue Pencil Café events at Word on the Street! WOTS will take place on Saturday, September 16th at the Halifax Central Library.

This year’s Pitch the Publisher will take place from 2:00pm to 4:00pm and participants will get 5 minutes to pitch their book idea to a panel of Atlantic Canadian publishers. Publishers will provide feedback and if one of them takes an interest, they will ask for you to send them more information.

Want to take part or need more info? Email Katie Ingram at production@atlanticpublishers.ca or call 1 902 420 0711. We’ll ask your name, contact info and a short (no more than 100 words, please) blurb about your book idea.  You can only pitch completed manuscripts and if you pitched a book in 2016, you may pitch again this year, but not the same book.


Barbara Fradkin - The Trickster’s Lullaby – An Amanda Doucette Mystery

Barbara Fradkin is a retired psychologist who is fascinated with why people turn bad. She has written numerous short stories and novellas as well as the critically acclaimed Inspector Green novels. Two of these, Fifth Son and Honour Among Men, have won the Arthur Ellis Award for Best Novel. She is also the author of Fire in the Stars, the first book in the Amanda Doucette Mysteries. She lives in Ottawa.

About the Book
A winter camping trip turns deadly as two missing teenagers, a twisted love triangle, and the spectre of radicalism create turmoil in the remote Laurentian wilderness.




The Trickster’s Lullaby 

Genevieve Graham - Promises to Keep

Genevieve Graham graduated from the University of Toronto in 1986 with a Bachelor of Music in Performance (playing oboe). Decades later, she fell in love with the genre of Historical Fiction and felt inspired to try writing something herself. That was in 2007, and she hasn’t stopped since. Fearing that Canadian History is in danger of being forgotten or delegated to textbooks and museums, she has dedicated herself to breathing life back into our past by weaving tales of adventure and love through and around important Canadian events. Both “Promises to Keep” (the Acadian Expulsion of 1755) and “Tides of Honour” (WWI and the Halifax Explosion) are Globe & Mail bestsellers, and she always has at least two more books on the go.
When Graham is not writing, she can be found relaxing with her husband, two grown daughters, and silly white dog, often tending the garden alongside a friendly flock of heritage chickens. She lives just outside of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Twitter: @GenGrahamAuthor




Shauntay Grant - The Walking Bathroom

Shauntay Grant is a writer and performance artist based in Halifax. She is the author of several books for children including Up Home, which won the 2009 Atlantic Book Award for Best Atlantic Published Book and was shortlisted for the 2010 Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Awards. Shauntay served as Halifax’s third Poet Laureate from 2009 to 2011. Her other honours include a a Poet of Honour Prize from Spoken Word Canada, and a Joseph S. Stauffer Prize in Writing and Publishing from the Canada Council for the Arts. She teaches creative writing at Dalhousie University.



About the Book

It’s Halloween and Amayah doesn’t have a costume to wear to school. She dressed as a ghost for the last three years in a row, witches are overdone, and fairies are not her style. She wants to be something different, something creative, something no one else in the world has ever been in the history of Halloween.


Justin Gregg - Fancy Goat

Justin Gregg is an author of several books for both children and adults.  He is the author of the books Twnety-Two Fantastical Facts about Dolphins and Are Dolphins Really Smart? Justin writes about animal behaviour and cognition, with article and blog posts appearing in The Wall Street Journal, Aeon Magazine, Scientific American, BBC Focus Slate, and much more. Justin is the producer of the dolphin science podcast The Dolphin Pod, and has provided voices for characters in a number of animated films.

Justin received his PhD from the School of Psychology at Trinity College Dublin, in Dublin Ireland and is currently an Adjunct Professor at St. Frances Xavier University, and a Senior Research Associate with the Dolphin Communication Project.

About the Book

When your goat is a fashion icon, life can be exhausting! In Fancy Goat, a new children’s picture book written and illustrated by Jeremy Holmes with co-authorJustin Gregg, a young girl laments her pet’s “need” for an extravagant lifestyle.

From wearing cravats, top hats, and pearls to doing ballet, flying planes, and having his own masseuse, the hapless run-of-the-mill goat embarks on lavish adventures in the finest of wardrobes. In this world, there is no pink and blue – just fanciness and fun. This fanciness, of course, exists only in the eyes of the girl through her wild imagination and inventive spirit.

Encouraging children to explore their creative side and reaffirming the value of letting kids be kids when it comes to self-expression, Fancy Goat emphasizes that creativity is vital to a child’s intellectual development.

Fancy Goat Trailer


Justin Gregg Website

Doretta Groenendyk - A Harbour Seal in Halifax

Doretta Groenendyk, a painter, writer, and teacher, lives with her husband and three children on a small spot of land in the Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia. Doretta is the author and illustrator of several children’s books by both The Acorn Press and Nimbus Publishing. Snow for Christmas, Thank You for My Bed, and I’m Drawing a Picture, have been shortlisted for the Lillian Shepherd Memorial Award for Illustration. She also co-wrote Spin to Sea with her daughter Izra Fitch. See more of Doretta’s work at doretta-art.com.

The Fantastical Whimsy of Doretta Groenendyk

Nimbus – Doretta Groenendyck

About the Book

One snowy night in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia, a strange figure peeks out from behind a parked car. A woman screams! So begins a lost harbour seal’s adventure through the steep streets of the sleepy winter city. Soon, Constable and Officer are on the case, and if they work together, they just might be able to help the harbour seal find his way back home.

Pam Hall - Towards an Encyclopedia of Local Knowledge

Pam Hall is an interdisciplinary artist, scholar, film-maker, and writer. Her visual art has been exhibited locally, nationally and internationally and is represented in the National Gallery of Canada. She has won national awards for her work in film, as a children’s book illustrator, and was recently inducted into the Hall of Honour at the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council Awards.  She currently lives in St. John’s.


Pam Hall Biography


Jackie Halsey - Explosion Newsie

Originally from the UK, Jacqueline Halsey moved to Nova Scotia in 1984 where she raised a family, and as a mature student, obtained a BA degree at Mount Saint Vincent University. She has written 4 books – a rollicking, piratical picture book with former co-worker and friend Carrie Muller, and three historical fiction titles. The first, Peggy’s Letters, was based on her mother’s wartime memories. Bluenose Adventure and Explosion Newsie are school-age picture books exploring the lives of child-workers in Canada. Peggy’s Letters and Explosion Newsie both made the Canadian Children’s Book Centre – Best Books for Children and Teens list. Before becoming a full-time writer, Jacqueline worked for many years as a children’s programmer in the Youth Services department of Alderney Gate Library. Currently she is a Board member of the Friends of McNabs Island society and loves being involved in the care of an island so rich in natural bio-diversity and history. When not writing, you’ll find her teaching English to newcomers in the Halifax Public Library ILL program, or singing in the YouGottaSing community choir.



About the book

On December 6, 1917, two ships collided in the busy wartime harbour of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The resulting explosion was the biggest man-made blast prior to the development of nuclear weapons. It flattened one fifth of the city. Thousands of people were killed that day and thousands more injured or made homeless. One lucky survivor, ten-year-old newsie Macky, has a key job to do — get the news out.

This story is based on the real experiences of young boys who worked as paperboys in the 1900s. Jacqueline Halsey has woven a wonderful story, which conveys the value of the work of young people in a compelling real-life setting.

Carolyn Harris - Raising Royalty: 1000 Years of Royal Parenting

Carolyn Harris teaches history at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies. She received her MA and Ph.D in European History from Queen’s University in 2012. Previously, she completed the Foundation Program at the University of King’s College in Halifax and her B.A. Hons. in History and English at the University of Toronto.  She contributes royal commentary to a variety of media outlets including CBC, CTV and Global news. She lectures about history and royalty in a variety of venues including libraries, museums and cruise ships. Her writing concerning the history of monarchy in the U.K., Europe, and Canada has appeared in numerous publications including the Globe and MailOttawa CitizenSmithsonian Magazine and the BBC News Magazine, and she is the author of Raising Royalty: 1000 Years of Royal Parenting, Magna Carta and Its Gifts to Canada and Queenship and Revolution in Early Modern Europe: Henrietta Maria and Marie Antoinette. She was born in Ottawa and lives in Toronto.

About the book
How royal parents dealt with raising their children over the past thousand years, from keeping Vikings at bay to fending off paparazzi.



Jeremy Holmes - Fancy Goat

Jeremy Holmes has spent his career helping kids unlock their creativity. In addition to working with schools and health care organizations in Nova Scotia to provide music therapy and songwriting workshops to children, Holmes is also the founder of the children’s songwriting act The Little Ditties. The group’s debut self-titled album earned an East Coast Music Award in 2014 for Children’s Recording of the Year.




About the Book

When your goat is a fashion icon, life can be exhausting! In Fancy Goat, a new children’s picture book written and illustrated by Jeremy Holmes with co-authorJustin Gregg, a young girl laments her pet’s “need” for an extravagant lifestyle.

From wearing cravats, top hats, and pearls to doing ballet, flying planes, and having his own masseuse, the hapless run-of-the-mill goat embarks on lavish adventures in the finest of wardrobes. In this world, there is no pink and blue – just fanciness and fun. This fanciness, of course, exists only in the eyes of the girl through her wild imagination and inventive spirit.

Encouraging children to explore their creative side and reaffirming the value of letting kids be kids when it comes to self-expression, Fancy Goat emphasizes that creativity is vital to a child’s intellectual development.

Fancy Goat Trailer


Molly Hurd - Best School in the World

Molly Hurd‘s perspectives on education have been developed out of her wide variety of teaching experiences in northern Quebec, rural Nova Scotia, Nigeria, Tanzania and Britain. She was a teacher and head teacher at Halifax Independent School for over 20 years. She believes passionately that keeping children’s natural love of learning alive throughout their school years is the best thing a school can do for its students.

Halifax Independent School is a place where children absorb “real-world” skills, including critical thinking, and complex literacy, math and second-language abilities, so that they stick. They gather for intense, whole-school discussions on local issues, create art using geometric calculations, and dig into the school garden while learning about the biology of the native plant garden — all in one typical week. During her time at Halifax Independent, Molly helped develop a cooperative approach to education that valued the input of all the stakeholders, with teachers looked to for their expertise in curriculum and educational research. In this account of “the best school in the world,” readers will find ideas big and small for how Canadian schools could do a better job of engaging, challenging and educating their students.

Best School in the World

facebook Molly Hurd

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Elizabeth Jarvis - Silver Thread and Pine Needles

Elizabeth Jarvis was born in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, in 1948. In 1953, her family moved to Aulac, New Brunswick. She graduated from Sackville High School and received a BSc and a BEd from Mount Allison University. After 30 years teaching High School Mathematics, she retired in 2002. She has recently written and published a book called Silver Thread and Pine Needles.

This book was inspired by a real lost letter. It tells the story of Marlene Foster, her son Garth, and his true love. Marlene has lived a simple life in rural Nova Scotia, but inside she carries a terrible secret. A single selfish act has caused a lifetime of pain, and Marlene is determined to set things right. When she travels to Ontario to attend the funeral of her son’s lost lover, she finds herself unwinding a tale of difficult choices but finds the warmth of family she never knew.

About the book

Silver Thread and Pine Needles tells the story of Marlene Foster, her son Garth, and his true love. Marlene has lived a simple life in rural Nova Scotia, but inside she carries a terrible secret. A single selfish act has caused a lifetime of pain, and Marlene is determined to set things right. When she travels to Ontario to attend the funeral of her son’s lost lover, she finds herself unwinding a tale of difficult choices but finds the warmth of family she never knew.

Sara Jewell - Field Notes: A City Girl's Search for Heart and Home in Rural Nova Scotia

Sara Jewell is an award-winning narrative journalist whose articles and essays have been published in newspapers and magazines across Canada; she is a frequent contributor to Saltscapes and the United Church Observer magazines. Her “Field Notes” column, which was an Atlantic Community Newspaper Awards finalist in 2013, appears bi-weekly in the Citizen-Record newspaper. Born and raised in Ontario, Sara received her Arts and Education degrees from Queen’s University, then supported her freelance writing by working as a radio newscaster, substitute teacher, and a lay worship leader. Sara now lives near Port Howe, Nova Scotia, with her husband, mother, a dog, two cats, and a flock of chickens.



About the Book

Field Notes includes forty-one essays on the differences, both subtle and drastic, between city life and country living. From curious neighbours and unpredictable weather to the reality of roadkill and the wonders of wildlife, award-winning narrative journalist Sara Jewell strikes the perfect balance between honest self-examination and humorous observation.

Cara Kansala - All Around the Circle

Born in Northern Ontario, Cara Kansala now calls Newfoundland home. A full-time visual artist, she created the well-known “Grumpy Goat Gallery” with Maxwell Dorey in 2006. Known for her whimsical depictions of familiar Newfoundland sights and her passionate oils, Cara draws constant inspiration from the rugged landscape and energetic spirit of the people she encounters.

About the Book

A visually stunning, often humorous book of verse, All Around the Circle celebrates the landscape and spirit of outport Newfoundland. How did Aunt Maud’s cat manage to sail across the tickle? Why is Heloise the chicken so worried? With a colourful cast of characters, tall tales, and vibrant artwork, Cara Kansala, artist of the wildly popular Grumpy Goat Gallery, offers a tongue-twisting playful read that will delight kids from five to ninety-five.

B.A. Knowles - Row Bot

After completing a science degree at Dalhousie University, B.A. Knowles‘ career path led her around the globe and back again. She lives along a dirt road overlooking the waters of the Atlantic Ocean and just a stone’s throw from where she first spied the Row Bot.  She now draws (literally) inspiration and motivation from her husband and two young sons, their family exploits, and all the rhymes a tub full of dirty dishes can evoke.


Row Bot

facebook BA Knowles

About the Book

It is not every day you meet a rowboat-rowing Row Bot (say that three times fast), but here he is. The word play is simply magnificent and the book is pure fun. You’ll find yourself reading it aloud over and over and over again. Written for kids 4-6 years-old, this book is original in every sense of the word. If your child might like to meet a genial Row Bot, come on along for the ride.

Peggy Kochanoff - Peggy Kochanoff - Be A Night Detective: Solving the Mysteries of Twilight, Dusk and Nightfall

Peggy Kochanoff graduated from Cornell University with a degree in vertebrate zoology and spent a summer working at the Central Park Zoo in New York City. She is the author and illustrator of several books for children, including the Be a Nature Detective series. After marriage and travelling, she settled with her husband and two sons on a tree farm in Nova Scotia.


About the Book

Why are moths drawn to light at night? Why do some flowers only bloom under the moon? Are stars really falling from the sky?

Naturalist and artist Peggy Kochanoff answers these questions and more in this illustrated guide to solving nature mysteries after dark. From the author of Silver Birch-nominated Be a Wilderness Detective and Hackmatack-nominated Be a Beach Detective comes a new adventure full of fascinating facts. From tiny cicadas in the grass and skunks digging in your backyard, to the Northern Lights dancing in the sky, Kochanoff shines a light on the intriguing nightlife of Atlantic Canada’s nocturnal creatures.

Laura-Jane Koers - Cook Lively!

Laura-Jane Koers, known online as The Rawtarian, is a leading creator of simple, satisfying vegan recipes. She is the author of Cook Lively (2017, Da Capo Press), the host of The Raw Food Podcast, and her recipes and photography have been featured in The Huffington Post, The National Post, and Vegan Life magazine. She is also an active speaker on the business of blogging, including at the BlogHer Food conference in Miami, FL and the Canadian Food Bloggers conference in Vancouver, BC. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. For free recipes and inspiration for healthy living, visit www.therawtarian.com.

About the book

Fresh, raw plant foods are the key to vibrant health, glowing skin, and high energy. But many raw and vegan recipes require trips to specialty stores and long hours in the kitchen; Laura-Jane Koers is on a quest to create amazing recipes using staple ingredients that can be found all year round and might already be in your kitchen. (Think bananas, apples, carrots, celery, and onions-no need to make a special trip for fresh coconut and celeriac.) Koers is known for her easy and accessible plant-based cuisine on her blog TheRawtarian.com. In Cook Lively, she shares satisfying recipes to whip up healthy meals with as few ingredients and prep as possible. Cook Lively is the go-to cookbook when you’re hungry for something wholesome, delicious, and quick.

William Kowalski - Jumped In

William Kowalski is the author of the international bestseller Eddie’s Bastard, winner of South Africa’s Ama-Boeke Award, and, more recently, The Hundred Hearts. His work has been translated into 15 languages. Two of the titles William wrote for the Rapids Reads series have been nominated for the Ontario Library Association’s Golden Oak Award. He lives with his family in Nova Scotia.

William Kowalksi

facebook William Kowalski

About the Book

Sixteen-year-old Rasheed is smart, tough and a survivor. In his neighborhood, he has to be. The streets are run by a gang called the E Street Locals, and they’ve been trying to jump him in since he was a child. So far, he’s managed to escape their clutches. But the gang is not his only problem. Rasheed’s sister, Daneeka, was paralyzed in a drive-by shooting, and now she’s confined to a wheelchair, mentally frozen at the age of nine. His mother is an addict. His father hasn’t been heard from in years. High school is no safer than the streets, so Rasheed seeks solace at the local university campus. There he meets a young woman named Lanaia who takes an interest in him. He also bumps up against a police officer who he thinks at first is hassling him just because he’s black. But eventually Rasheed realizes that the officer is only pushing him to become a better person. Though he can’t escape his home life, or the gang, as easily as he’d like, Rasheed does learn some valuable lessons in his struggles: you and you alone are accountable for the decisions you make in life; even though the world is not a fair place, you can still accomplish whatever you set your mind to; and we all become stronger when we admit we need someone to lean on.

Bob Kroll - The Drop Zone: A T.J. Peterson Mystery

Bob Kroll has been a professional writer for more than 35 years. His work includes books, stage plays, radio dramas, and TV documentaries.

The Drop Zone: A T.J. Peterson Mystery

The Chronicle Herald Kroll Pens First Instalment in Halifax Trilogy

facebook Bob Kroll

About the Book

Detective T.J. Peterson has a problem, and it’s not just how much he’s drinking or the daily, silent, tormenting video calls from his estranged daughter. A Catholic priest has been bludgeoned to death in church, apparently by a symbol of his faith, and an unidentified woman’s body had been found. He’s barely holding it together. When a deranged teenager, a possible witness, crosses his path, he is propelled into a sleazy, violent world of underage prostitution, sexual abuse, and human trafficking as he pursues a merciless killer.

Mark Leslie - Haunted Hospitals” Erie Tales about Hospitals, Sanatoriums and Other Institutions

Mark Leslie is the author of Creepy Capital and Tomes of Terror, as well as many other books on the fascinating and paranormal, and is editor of Campus Chills and Tesseracts Sixteen. He lives in Hamilton, Ontario.

Mark Leslie Blog

Dundurn Books

About the Book

Hospitals are supposed to be places of healing, places of birth, and places of hope. But with all of the varying highs and lows that are experienced in these buildings, is it any wonder when echoes linger indefinitely? How about asylums, which house some of society’s worst offenders and troubled inmates, or sanatoriums, places where the mentally and physically ill find themselves trapped, even after death?

Journey inside the history of these macabre settings and learn about the horrors from the past that live on in these frighteningly eerie tales from Canada, the United States, and around the world.

Leah Lindeman - Redeemed from the Ashes

Feisty Latina—Lover of classic literature—Victorian era fanatic—History Buff—Leah Lindeman graduated with honours from the Institute of Children’s Literature. Born and raised in Montreal, she married her husband James at the tender age of 18. They shared their first kiss on their wedding day. They now live in Bainsville, Ontario, and raise their three children.


About the Book

Redeemed from the Ashes is the story of a misguided young woman named Evelyn Richardson whose maimed husband Carl goes missing as a result of the Halifax Explosion of 1917. Bedridden because of an injury, she is unable to immediately search him out. The chances of finding him grow thin as the days pass into cruel winter and the chaos of a shattered city remains. After several weeks of searching, Evelyn is encouraged by her disheartening mother to leave Carl for dead and to move on with her life. At first she refuses such a notion; but when Gerald MacCrae, a doctor at Camp Hill Hospital, enters her heart in friendship, her resolve weakens and finally disintegrates. Gerald harbours a secret from the past and within the present that threatens to rip apart any chance at happiness for Evelyn again. Can she redeem any shred of familiarity from her past or will she forge ahead on the wings of a new life, a new love?


The Little Ditties

The Little Ditties Squad

Jeremy Holmes is the founder and leader of The Little Ditties, and the main creative force behind the group. Since the release of the his award wining debut children’s album (The Little Ditties) he has launched a new initiative in collaborative music-making called Squad Rock.

The ability to express oneself through music – whether it’s writing lyrics, melodies, or just rocking out on drums – is vital to one’s intellectual and emotional development. With this in mind, Jeremy has been active in the community engaging both kids and adults in collaborative songwriting efforts throughout his home province of Nova Scotia. Jeremy visits classrooms and schools, working with kids to write songs about topics and issues important to them. He also meets with kids one-on-one in his studio for songwriting workshops, and has just begun  music workshops for adults with intellectual disabilities. All of the people Jeremy meets and sings with become part of the Little Ditties Squad, and some of the songs created with Squad members end up being recorded and released on the Little Ditties YouTube channel, and on Little Ditties albums.

Little Ditties live performances are where everyone gets the chance to see Squad Rock in action. Audience members get the chance to see Jeremy and his band create brand new music during the show, with audience members helping to write lyrics, melodies, and even get up on stage to jam with the band. This is the essence of Squad Rock: music should be fun, accessible, and something that everyone can and should be part of.

The Little Ditties Trailer



Hugh R. MacDonald - Us and Them

Hugh R. MacDonald is a writer of fiction, and a singer/songwriter. Hugh has been a member of the Writers Union of Canada and the Writers Federation of Nova Scotia for many years. His YA notvel, Trapper Boy was published by Cape Breton University Press in 2012; a sequel, Us and Them, was released in October 2016. Also, his work has been in three anthologies, and online. Hugh is a graduate of Cape Breton University and works in the human services field.

Cape Breton University Press


A fatal accident in the mine awakens young JW Donaldson to just how dangerous working conditions are and to how management seems to care more about production than about the men and boys who are the means of that production.

Alexander MacLeod - Libraries 150 Panel Discussion: Reading Nova Scotia: The Global Attraction of our Hyperlocal

Alexander MacLeod’s first book of short stories, Light Lifting, won an Atlantic Book Award and was a finalist for The Frank O’Connor International Short Story Award, the Scotiabank Giller Prize, the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize and  the Thomas Head Raddall Fiction Award. The collection was also long-listed for the Andrew Carnegie Medal Award for Excellence in Fiction and was named a “Book of the year” by the American Library association, the Globe and Mail, The Coast, Amazon.ca, and Quill and Quire.  Alexander lives in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia and teaches at Saint Mary’s University.

Kathy Mac - Human Misunderstandings (Poems)

Kathy Mac  has published two books of poems: The Hundefräulein Papers (2009) about the years she spent as the dogsitter of Elisabeth Mann Borgese, and Nail Builders Plan for Strength and Growth (2002) which won the Gerald Lampert Award and was a finalist for the Governor General’s Award.  As Kathleen McConnell, she’s also published the analytico-poetic book of essays Pain, Porn and Complicity: Women Heroes from Pygmalion to Twilight (2012). Despite a typically wander-filled early-writer’s life, she’s mostly settled in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada, where she teaches creative writing and literature at St. Thomas University.

Human Misunderstandings Book Launch

Wolsak and Wynn Authors

Emily McEwan - The Scottish Gaelic Tattoo Handbook

Dr. Emily McEwan is a Scottish Gaelic language specialist and minority language revitalization expert in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. She has been involved with Gaelic for over 25 years. She specializes in linguistic and cultural revitalization of Scottish Gaelic and other minority languages. Dr. McEwan is the author of journal articles and book chapters on Gaelic revitalization as well as a number of popular magazine articles on aspects of Gaelic language and culture.

The National Scot News

facebook Emily McEwan

About the book

If you want a tattoo with Gaelic words to honour family, ancestors, culture or homeland- and don’t want your tattoo mistake to be the next cringeworthy internet meme- then you need this book.

The Scottish Gaelic Tattoo Handbook features illustrations of real-life Gaelic tattoos gone wrong; a glossary of nearly 400 authentic Scottish Gaelic words and phrases; and suggestions on Gaelic spelling, writing and the best Gaelic fonts.

Krista McLellan - World Food for Student Cooks

Krista McLellan is a Registered Dietitian, passionate home cook and ethnic food enthusiast who has lived the student life in some of Canada’s most multicultural cities. Krista holds a Bachelor of Science in both Psychology and Applied Human Nutrition. Krista enhances her own life with good health through delicious food and strives to help others do the same. Her first book reveals a batch of recipes that won’t come at the cost of health, fun, or finances.



About the book

A student cookbook with a difference, World Food for Student Cooks offers 170 quick, cheap and tasty recipes featuring the best of the world’s cuisines — Chinese, Thai, Mexican, French, Italian, Middle Eastern, Japanese and more. These are recipes for food that students want to eat, can afford and can make at home with only basic cooking skills! The ingredients are inexpensive and the results are healthy as well as tasty. Tacos and noodle bowls, mac n cheese, curries and pizzas, smoothies, cookies, brownies and more!

Cookbook features include:

  • Requires only essential pieces of kitchen equipment, and uses staples on hand in every kitchen
  • Uses inexpensive ingredients available at any grocery store
  • Focuses on recipes that are popular with students today
  • Healthy dishes that highlight fresh veggies, fruit and non-processed foods
  • World food — inexpensive, healthy recipes from Asian, Indian, Mexican, Middle Eastern and other international cuisines
  • Lots of vegan and vegetarian recipes and options


This book will be a favourite for students, and will help parents rest easy knowing that young people can use it to cook the food they love — and can afford.

Theresa Meuse - L'Nu'k: The People: Mi'kmaw History, Culture and Heritage

Born and raised in the Bear River First Nation, Theresa Meuse is a First Nations educator and advisor. The author of The Sharing Circle and L’n’uk: The People, she has also contributed to the Mi’kmaq Anthology and L’sitkuk. Theresa lives in Elmsdale, Nova Scotia.

The Chronicle Herald Meuse Launches Second Book

Nimbus – L’Nu’K : The People

About the book

The Mi’kmaq lived in Canada long before the country even got its name. Before Europeans arrived, they lived in homes called wigwams and hunted and fished throughout the Maritime provinces, living off and giving back to the land. They enjoyed storytelling, drumming, and dancing within their tight­knit communities.

In L’nuk: the Mi’kmaq of Atlantic Canada, First Nations educator Theresa Meuse traces the incredible lineage of today’s Mi’kmaq people, sharing the fascinating details behind their customs, traditions, and history. Discover the proper way to make Luski (Mi’kmaw bread), the technique required for intricate quillwork and canoe­ building, what happens at a powwow, and how North America earned its Aboriginal name, Turtle Island.

Carolyn Morgan - Art Love Forgery

Carolyn Morgan was born in St. John’s and has lived in the city most of her life. While she was teaching English at a local high school, her story “The Collector” was published in Canadian Living magazine (October 2001). Carolyn is a visual artist as well as a writer and teacher. In 2014, she had a solo art show titled Art Is for Apple at the Five Island Art Gallery in Tors Cove. This was a multimedia exhibit exploring the mythology and history of the apple. Her interest in art and history inspired her to write Art Love Forgery.


facebook Carolyn Morgan

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About the Book

A novel of crime and passion in nineteenth-century Newfoundland; Alexander Pindikowsky, a Polish artist working in Heart’s Content, is arrested in 1880 for the crime of forgery. He is sentenced to fifteen months at Her Majesty’s Penitentiary in St. John’s. Governor John Hawley Glover, when made aware of Pindikowsky’s talent, arranges for the prisoner to serve part of his sentence in a most unusual way—designing and painting ceiling frescoes at Government House. Ellen Dormody, a parlour maid at Government House, witnesses first-hand the brilliance of Alexander’s artistry. She is at once captivated by the mysterious painter. Inspired by true events, Art Love Forgery is a story of forbidden love in nineteenth-century St. John’s, a legend that lives on within the walls and ceilings of Government House.

Melanie Mosher - Goth Girl

Melanie Mosher grew up in Amherst, Nova Scotia, and won an essay contest in Grade Two, sparking her imagination and beginning a lifelong love of stories. Fire Pie Trout received honorable mention in the Atlantic Writing Competition and later became her first published picture book. Melanie now lives in Gaetz Brook and continues to make up stories to share with her granddaughter, Emma.

Melanie Mosher

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Nimbus Publishing – Goth Girl

About the book

There are only three things fifteen-year-old Victoria Markham truly enjoys: English class, her signature “Goth Girl” look, and art. It’s just that she tends to do the last one late at night, with spray paint, in public places. It isn’t long before Vic is caught red-handed and forced into community service with a bunch of stereotypes: there’s Rachael, the princess; Russell and Peter, a pair of fist-bumping punks; and Zach, the rich jock, who Vic is secretly crushing on. The motley crew has to collaborate to produce a mural for Halifax, but getting it organized is like herding cats.

On top of all that, Vic’s mother’s boyfriend, the only father figure Vic has ever known and the one who taught her to paint, left them both. Vic’s mother is still reeling, her relationship with her daughter strained. She doesn’t understand Vic’s insistence on spiking her hair, piercing her nose and lip, and wearing black clothing and heavy makeup. Vic is convinced her mother doesn’t care enough to find out what’s really behind the get-up.

Tensions run high as Vic tries to figure out who she is: Victoria Markham, or Goth Girl? Sometimes, there’s more to people than meets the eye.

Tom Murphy - Anchor for CBC Nova Scotia News

Tom Murphy is the anchor for CBC Nova Scotia News, the host of Land and Sea on CBC Television and is the Maritimes national correspondent for CBC News. Tom Murphy started his career at CBC in Charlottetown working as both a radio and television reporter and back up host for eight years before moving to CBC Halifax in 1999 as a current affairs reporter. He was a regular on The National, contributing to both news and current affairs before becoming the Maritimes National Correspondent in 2006.

Tom has reported on stories such as the conflict at Burnt Church, provided live coverage of Hurricane Juan, and profiled Sidney Crosby in his rookie year in the NHL.

He also was the first to break news with the now famous “potato patch” interview with Peter MacKay. During stints filling in as CBC’s foreign correspondent in Washington, he covered two Space Shuttle launches in Florida and Hurricane Dean in Jamaica.

Tom covered the 2014 shootings and funerals of three RCMP officers in Moncton for The National, the inquiry into botched cancer tests in Newfoundland and Labrador, several Royal Family visits to Canada, and interviewed legendary rocker Sir Paul McCartney.

Tom won a RTNDA award for TV short feature, Atlantic Journalism Awards, a Columbus International Film and Television Festival award and received several Gemini and Canadian Screen Awards nominations.

Bob Murphy - Host of CBC Radio One's afternoon show Mainstreet on mainland Nova Scotia

Bob Murphy is the host of CBC Radio One’s afternoon show Mainstreet on mainland Nova Scotia. Bob is originally from P.E.I., and began working at CBC while studying journalism at Ryerson. He’s worked in the CBC’s national radio newsroom, the Queen’s Park legislature bureau in Toronto and he’s been posted in every Maritime province. He’s won numerous regional and national awards and just before he joined Mainstreet he was part of the CBC’s Atlantic investigative journalism unit.

Jason Murray - A Distorted Revolution: How Eric's Trip Changed Music, Moncton and Me

Jason Murray is a journalist, teacher, and writer from Moncton, New Brunswick. His background includes degrees in Journalism and Education from St. Thomas University and a Master’s in Fine Arts from King’s. He has written for multiple publications, most recently Vice Canada. He’s spent the past 30 years trying to learn the subtle art of skateboarding and he’s now trying to figure out the mystery behind the drums and bass.

Nimbus Publishing – A Distorted Revolution

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Moncton Writer’s Trip

John O'Brien - Oak Island Unearthed


John O. O’Brien was the eldest of 10 children, born in Halifax, Nova Scotia at the close of WWII. His father, a pharmacist and to whom this book is dedicated, served in the Canadian Armed Services during that war and was a writer as well. John was only 12 years old when he first heard of the treasure of Oak Island, and visited the island with his father in his early and later teens, well before the causeway was constructed. As a result he had more than the usual boyhood dreams of pirates and buried treasure. Add to that fact that he, for much of his life, lived the wanderlust of adventure, spending many years in the great Canadian north, first as a logger in a remote region of B.C., but most as an underground miner in northern B.C. and the Alaskan panhandle.

At age 22, he served with the Canadian Army in West Germany during the cold war, but the call of the wild was still in his blood, so after finishing high school and attending Dalhousie, he returned to the north country for another 20 years – plus 16 more in Ontario, Africa and Nova Scotia – a total of 36 years underground, beginning at the bottom and working his way up to mine superintendent. There is little John has not witnessed underground.

Along the way he developed a related hobby – prospecting – and founded the Nova Scotia Prospecting Association, penning a fascinating and practical Guide for Nova Scotia. He is also a genuine sourdough, beginning with a claim in the remote Cassair mountains of B.C., where he built a log cabin in Grizzly Bear country and worked the creek bed with a 44-Magnum on his hip. His current ‘man-cave’ in the basement of his Bridgewater, N.S., home resembles that earlier log cabin and is self-sufficient in all ways! But O’Brien also attained other skills from thousands of nights spend in remote locations before TV and the internet: a love of reading and the honing of his story-telling skills, which propelled him to write this current book. In the tradition of the great story-tellers, the manuscript weaves back and forth before revealing its ultimate conclusions. Listening to John tells stories in the tradition oral tradition of the outback is rather compelling.

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Vernon Oickle - Five Crows Silver

Vernon Oickle is an international award winning journalist, editor and writer with 33 years experience working in newspapers. He is the author of 26 books, including Red Sky at Night, Ghost Stories of Nova Scotia and the bestselling series One Crow Sorrow . . . . He continues to reside in Liverpool where he was born and raised.

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The Chronicle Herald Oickle Talks Five Crows Silver

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About the Book

Five Crows Silver is a riveting, taut crime drama that will keep you guessing to the last page. When young girls go missing throughout Nova Scotia, Liverpool RCMP Corporal Cliff Graham and special investigator Sergeant Greg Paris come to realize they are playing a game of cat and mouse. The question is who is the cat, and who is the mouse.


Sharon Gibson Palermo - Winter, Winter, Cold and Snow

Sharon Gibson Palermo was raised in NJ and studied in Boston and Halifax. She holds a B.A. In Philosophy and Religion, an M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education and an MA in Reading Education. She has taught at the preschool, elementary and university levels, and has worked with children in peer mediation and finding peaceful ways to solve conflicts. She is the author of two juvenile novels and several YA short stories.

Sharon has travelled across the U.S., Canada, and some of Europe, but she spends most of her vacation time at her cottage on the Bay of Fundy. She has two adult sons and lives with her husband in Halifax.


About the book

A gentle, repetitive story about forest creatures on a cold winter’s day and night. With colorful, child-friendly illustrations this is a sweet pick for a cozy storytime by the fire.


Lorna Poplak - Drop Dead: A Horrible History of Hanging In Canada

Lorna Poplak is a writer and editor, with extensive experience as a researcher and fact checker. She is currently on the board of CANSCAIP and was co-director of Packaging Your Imagination in 2014. She lives in Toronto.



About the book

Take a journey through notable cases in Canada’s criminal justice history, featuring well-known and some less-well-known figures from the past. You’ll meet Arthur Ellis, Canada’s most famous hangman, whose work outfit was a frock coat and striped trousers, often with a flower pinned to his lapel. And you will also encounter other memorable characters, including the man who was hanged twice and the gun-toting bootlegger who was the only woman every executed in Alberta.

Drop Dead: A Horrible History of Hanging in Canada illustrates how trial, sentencing, and punishment operated in Canada’s first century, and examines the relevance of capital punishment today. Along the way, learn about the mathematics and physics behind hangings, as well as disturbing facts about bungled executions and wrongful convictions.


Jen Powley – Just Jen: Thriving Through Multiple Sclerosis

Born and raised in a small farming community in Alberta, Jen Powley was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at age 15. By age 35, she had lost the use of her arms and legs. Powley moved to the East Coast to further her education, fell in love with Halifax and stayed. She pursued a planning degree on the hope that politicians would give more weight to the words of a licensed planner rather than a community activist advocating universal accessibility.

About the Book

Just Jen is a powerful memoir that tells the story of Powley’s life at the time of her diagnosis, and the infinite, irrevocable ways it has changed since. Powley’s writing pulls no punches. She is lively, bold and unapologetic, answering questions people are often afraid to ask about living with a progressive disease. And yet, these snapshots from Powley’s life are not tinged with anger or despair. Just Jen is a powerful, uplifting and unforgettable work by an author who has laid her life — and her body — bare in order to survive.

Fernwood Publishing

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Geraldine Ryan-Lush - The Seashell's Lament

Geraldine Ryan-Lush is author of 12 books for children, YA, and adult. Her work has been on the American Bookseller’s Pick of the Lists, and reviewed in School Library Journal, N.Y., among many others. Her latest titles are Mrs. Clohiggledy’s Clutter (Big Kids, 5-100, named a Readers’ Favourite by Assoc. of Independent Authors), The Seashell’s Lament (Adult Fiction), and a new YA, The Gravel Pit Kids, coming from U.S. publisher June 2017. Geraldine has been a featured guest @WOTS previously.



About the Book



About The Book:


On a rainsoaked, windswept , pre-Christmas night in St. John’s, NL, prim and proper teacher Jacqueline O’Rielly is hit by a sudden, reckless urge to go bar-hopping. What she finds in a dingy, harbourfront pub where a shipwrecked foreign shrimp fisherman is sojourning will forever alter the course of the rest of her life. Aleksandr Bovka (Sasha) is married, can hardly speak a word of English, and only in port long enough for his battered ship to be seaworthy again. What follows is the collision catalyst for tragic, impossible chemistry, as these two unlikely lovers from opposite ends of the world find that one can’t live without the other. Then, the unthinkable happens. Jacqueline gets a goodbye letter with no return address.  Eight bitter years pass, where one doesn’t know anything of the other.  In his home country of Estonia,  Aleksandr Bovka harbors a secret he can never reveal and would rather live without the love of his life than let her know the truth of his cruel exchange a decade before. On a work trip to Europe she amazingly is confronted by the fly-by-night sailor who broke her heart so long ago, and who is torched into the very depths of her unforgiving soul.  Set in St. John’s, NL at the height of the cod moratorium, and  bringing to fictional  life just one of the many romantic interludes that may have happened  between local women and lonely foreigners  over centuries  of foreign fleets visiting Newfoundland shores,  The Seashell’s Lament is a searing saga of the elemental twists of fate, that leave even the most cynical believing in the power of eternal love.


Charlie Rhindress - I'm Not What I Seem

Charlie Rhindress is an actor, writer and director who has worked in theatre, film and TV for 30 years. He was born and raised in Amherst, Nova Scotia, and educated at Mount Allison University. As a co-founder and former Artistic Director of Live Bait Theatre in Sackville, New Brunswick, he was involved in more than 80 productions for the company during a 20-year period. His focus has been primarily on the development and support of Atlantic Canadian theatre, receiving a lifetime membership in Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre for his work. He has acted and directed at theatres across the country and appeared in a number of films and television programs. His 15 full-length plays have been produced at theatres throughout Canada including Neptune Theatre, Theatre Orangeville and Theatre NorthWest. His 2 published scripts are The Maritime Way of Life, which was nominated for a Canadian Comedy Award as Best New Play, and Flying on Her Own. I’m Not What I Seem, his best selling biography of Rita MacNeil was his first book. He is currently at work on a biography of Stompin’ Tom Connors. Charlie is a very proud father of four.

About the Book

Rita MacNeil has long been recognized as one of the East Coast’s great singer-songwriters. As a young girl with the dream of becoming a singer, she overcame a series of seemingly insurmountable obstacles and achieved success by believing in herself and refusing to give up. A trailblazer, Rita played an integral role in the women’s movement in Canada and forged a path that was unique to her, paving the way for future generations of east coast musicians.

Charlie Rhindress first came to know Rita as he collaborated with her on his play Flying on Her Own, incorporating more than twenty of her songs into a script that told the story of her life. For this new biography, Rhindress did extensive research and interviewed many of the people who worked with her and knew her best. The story of a strong, sensitive, complex woman emerged and the result is a powerful and moving portrait of a unique woman and important artist of her times.


Cape Breton Books

Local Xpress Rita MacNeil Sings Again

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Bill Roach - Host of CBC Radio One's Weekend Mornings

Bill Roach is host of CBC Radio One’s Weekend Mornings heard throughout the Maritimes on Saturdays and Sundays. He is also the host of East Coast Music Hour.

Bill worked for many years on mainland Nova Scotia’s afternoon show Mainstreet, as the technician and traffic/weather correspondent. He also often filled in as host.

Growing up all over Cape Breton (Louisdale, River Bourgeois, Cheticamp, Port Hawkesbury, St. Peter’s), Bill developed a keen interest in radio. Falling in love with the classic radio dramas of the ’50s at the same time he was discovering modern day heroes like Peter Gzowski and Garrison Keillor. After helping build a closet-sized radio station in his high school at the age of 15, Bill landed a gig with CIGO radio in Port Hawkesbury. After graduating from the Radio and Television Arts program at NSCC Kingstec in Kentville, he taught broadcast at the School of Journalism at the University of King’s College for four years. Bill joined CBC in 2001. First working in Edmonton, then returning to CBC Halifax in 2008.

Useless music trivia fills a big space in Bill’s head. But it comes in handy for the multi-genre offerings on Weekend Mornings. His music collection contains everything from Burl Ives to Mastodon – and he has a soft spot for Broadway musicals and fiddle music.

Bill is also a big sports fan. Bring up the Edmonton Oilers, New England Patriots, Toronto Blue Jays or Edmonton Eskimos and he’ll talk your ear off. His annual pilgrimage to the CFL Grey Cup game is a favourite talking point for the armchair athlete. But most of those stories are not quite radio friendly.

Bill lives in Halifax with his wife and kids.


Tom Ryan - Pop Quiz

Tom Ryan was born and raised in Inverness, on Cape Breton Island. He has been nominated for the White Pine Award, the Stellar Award and the Hackmatack Award, and two of his novels were Junior Library Guild selections. He currently lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, with his husband and their dog, Wheeler. In the future, he would like to write more books, travel the world and direct a feature film. For more information, visit http://www.tomryanauthor.com



About the book

Fifteen-year-old Aiden is a minor cast member on a long-running high school “dramedy” with a low budget and a loyal following. Aiden and his friends are excited that they’re being promoted to lead roles for the upcoming tenth season of Pop Quiz. But then they learn the show is being canceled. According to the producers, no one even watches TV anymore, with kids preferring the antics of YouTube stars. With the help of some former cast members and a group of hardcore fans, Aiden and his friends attempt to create a movie special to wrap up the storylines and give the series the send-off it deserves.

Marjorie Simmins - Year of the Horse

Marjorie Simmins is the author of Coastal Lives, a memoir about living on Canada’s East and West coasts. Published by Pottersfield Press in 2014, the book received excellent reviews across the country. Her second book, Year of the Horse, also published by Pottersfield Press, was published in September 2016. In May 2017, Simmins concluded a corss-country book tour with Year of the Horse, a non-fiction story about her life with horses, which has been warmly received by readers and reviewers alike.

Raised in Vancouver, Marjorie Simmins now divides her time between British Columbia and Nova Scotia. She began her twenty-five year career as a free-lance journalist in Vancouver.  While her primary “beats” focused on commercial and sports fishing, she also published numerous essays and articles in magazines and newspapers across Canada, and in the United States. Her essay, “Trips from There to Here,” published in Saturday Night, won a Gold Medal at the 1994 National Magazine Awards. She also won a Gold Medal at the 2013 Atlantic Journalism Awards for the best Atlantic Magazine article. Simmins has written for provincial and national magazines, and has been published in newspapers and anthologies in Canada and in the United States.

Marjorie Simmins has a Bachelor of Arts in English Literature from the University of British Columbia, and a Certificate in Adult Education from Dalhousie Univeristy. In 2011, she completed a Master of Arts, Research focusing on memoir studies, at Mount Saint Vincent University. In addition to teaching memoir writing, Simmins is also available as a keynote speaker. Her areas of expertise include writing and women’s health, memoir writing, coastal lives, coastal fisheries, and the equestrian world. She is happy to tailor-make a speech for maximum entertainment and knowledge.

Available online, from Nimbus Publishing – www.nimbus.ca





Marijke Simons: The Flying Squirrel Stowaways

Marijke Simons has illustrated several children’s books including The Flying Fish Kite by Lilla Stirling and Who’s a Scaredy-Cat?  by Joan Payzant. Jigs and Reels, A Cruise in Maritime Waters was her first book as both author and illustrator and The Flying Squirrel Stowaways is her second. After growing up in Montreal, and living in Amsterdam and London, Marijke settled in Dartmouth to raise a family and pursue a career as an art teacher. Retired from the school system she now illustrates and continues to enjoy teaching art to children in her studio overlooking Halifax Harbour.

She and her husband spend their spare time cruising Maritime waters. They have circumnavigated NS with a small portage from Alma to Shediac, NB.  An earlier sea voyage took them up the Eastern Shore to Cape Breton and on to the wonderful Madeleine Islands. Now they have set their sights on Newfoundland. Catch Marijke and her book @WOTSHalifax Sept. 16!  https://www.nimbus.ca/books/

About the Book

It’s wintertime in Nova Scotia and two flying squirrels are busy exploring the woods around their spruce-tree home. After a busy night of playing and gliding and snacking, they’re ready to settle down and sleep all day. But humans have other plans: the tree is cut down and packed onto a truck bound for Boston, Massachusetts. Turns out their new home has been chosen as Halifax’s annual thank-you gift, the Boston Christmas Tree. The little squirrels have no idea they’re about to embark on a journey across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Maine on the way to Boston.

Hali Slam

Hali Slam is here. To speak life via poetry. To spin tales & spit rhymes, to set truth free with our breath, to share the sad surreal funny freaky beautiful moments we preserve with our words. Slam is poetry made audible, it is visceral & eccentric, it is sorrow transformed into art. It is revealing the magic of the seemingly mundane. The only team east of Montreal, Hali Slam – a.k.a Ashley Avery, Rosalie Franick, Andrew Janzten, Deirdre Lee, & Levi Morrison – are five poets who started out as strangers, but the bonds of poetry grow fierce & fast. Andrew is a science & technology smartypants who’s passionate about baking. Ashley, a quiet but feisty feminist mom & social justice activist. Levi is a structural engineer by day and a rap battler by night. Rosalie is a youth worker math genius disguised as a model. & team captain Deirdre Lee is an intersectional cheerleader, writer & artisan. Our ages, ethnicities, & perspectives span decades, continents & worlds, but we are stronger for our differences, & grateful for the opportunity to come together, to make & share art. Here at Word On the Street, here in K’jipuktuk, & at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word this October, representing Nova Scotia at the national slam team competition.

Amy Smith - Co-Host of CBC Nova Scotia News and host of Atlantic Tonight

Amy Smith is the co-host of CBC Nova Scotia News and host of Atlantic Tonight.

Amy joined the CBC News team in 2009 after 15 years as a print journalist, working primarily as a legislative reporter. She has covered City Hall, the courts and Nova Scotia labour as well as general news.

Amy has an impressive roster of interviews under her belt. In addition to federal and provincial political leaders, Amy has had the opportunity to interview interesting and high profile people ranging from Condoleezza Rice, Richard and Ruth Goldbloom, and Mark Critch, to name only a few.

Her work has been recognized by the Canadian Screen Awards, RTDNAs and the Atlantic Journalism Awards. She is a recipient of an award in enterprise reporting on a series about the Sydney Tar Ponds. Amy grew up in Nova Scotia and is a graduate of the School of Journalism at the University of King’s College in Halifax. Life at home is spent cooking with her husband,  hanging out with their dog Bella, and riding her Morgan Horse, Ariel.

Graham Steele - The Effective Citizen

Graham Steele was a member of the Nova Scotia legislature from 2001 to 2013. He was the minister of finance and minister of Acadian affairs (2009–2012) and minister of economic and rural development and tourism (2013) in the Dexter government. Graham is now heard regularly as a Nova Scotia political analyst for CBC. Before entering politics, Graham was a lawyer in private practice and in government. He is a Rhodes Scholar and originally from Winnipeg. The author of the Globe and Mail bestselling memoir What I Learned About Politics, nominated for the 2015 Shaughnessy Cohen Prize for Political Writing and the 2015 Evelyn Richardson Award for Nonfiction, he lives in Halifax.

About the Book

Effective citizens–engaged, knowledgeable, and persistent, and united in common cause–are the most powerful force that ever was, or ever will be. I hope this book will help citizens to be more effective.

In his uniquely straightforward and accessible style, Political insider Graham Steele pulls back the curtain on our political system and gives readers a look inside. A lawyer, analyst, former Nova Scotia cabinet minister, and author of the Globe & Mail bestselling memoir What I Learned About Politics, Steele answers the burning questions of Canadians: Who really runs the parties? What does a backbencher do? How does a citizen effectively navigate the system, and achieve change through a politician? What is “truthiness?”

A primer for anyone who wants to become a politician or influence one, The Effective Citizen explains how politicians think and what factors influence that thinking; how to interpret the “non-answer” in political speech; and acknowledges that in politics, “bland is safe.” Ideal for political neophytes and junkees all the same, Steele’s newest book will have the whole country talking.


Super Why


Super Why! is Whyatt from the CBC Kids show of the same name.

SUPER WHY, a breakthrough preschool series designed to help kids ages 3 to 6 with the critical skills that they need to learn to read (and love to read!) focusing on alphabet skills, word families, spelling, comprehension, and vocabulary.

Super Why will be spending the day at Word on the Street and is looking forward to meeting many new and old friends!

Jon Tattrie - Redemption Songs: How Bob Marley’s Nova Scotia Song Lights the Way Past Racism

Jon Tattrie is an award-winning author and journalist who lives in Bedford. He’s published six books. Two were novels – Black Snow is set in the Halifax Explosion and Limerence tells the story of that Leonard Cohen longing that disturbs the tranquil heart. He wrote the Hermit of Africville, the first biography of the legendary civil rights protester Eddie Carvery, and Cornwallis: the Violent Birth of Halifax, which is the first biography of the Halifax’s founder. He is now working on a biography of Mi’kmaq elder Dan Paul. Redemption Songs is his most ambitious book yet.

About the book

Redemption Songs tells the extraordinary story of how one of Bob Marley’s greatest songs was born in Nova Scotia. It opens with Marley’s live acoustic performance of Redemption Song at the end of his life, and reveals that the core lyric comes from a speech Marcus Garvey delivered in Sydney, Nova Scotia, in 1937. The line “We are going to emancipate ourselves from mental slavery” springboards the reader into the book’s ambitions. The author explores why Marley so revered Garvey, and, in doing so, looks at the roots of Rastafarianism and ideas about race.


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Simon Thibault - Pantry and Palate

Simon Thibault is a Halifax-based journalist and radio producer whose work focuses on food. His written work has been featured in The Globe and Mail and East Coast Living. He has contributed to CBC Radio, and The Southern Foodways Alliance’s Gravy podcast. He was also a judge for the 2015 James Beard Foundation’s Cookbook Awards. This is his first book.



About the book

In Pantry and Palate, journalist Simon Thibault explores his Acadian roots by scouring old family recipes, ladies’ auxiliary cookbooks, and folk wisdom for 50 of the best-loved recipes of Acadians past and present. Recipes run the gamut from Acadian staples such as potato pancakes called Fring Frangs, Rappie Pie, Chicken Fricot, and various forms of meat pies; old-fashioned foodways, such as how to render your own lard, and make the most of out a pig’s head; and sumptuous sweets take the form of Rhubarb Custard Pie or a simple Molasses Cake. Thibault not only discovers the past lives of his immediate and extended family, but their larders as well.

Including essays celebrating the stories behind the recipes, a foreword by bestselling author Naomi Duguid (Taste of Persia), and photos by noted food photographer Noah Fecks (The Up South Cookbook), Pantry and Palate is magnifique from page to plate.


Alice Walsh - Last Lullaby

Alice Walsh writes fiction and non-fiction for children and adults. She studied early childhood education, has an MA in English, and has worked as a preschool teacher and creative writing instructor. Her juvenile novel, Pomiuk: Prince of the North (Beach Holme), won the Ann Connor Brimer Award. Another book, A Sky Black with Crows, was nominated for the same award.  She has won the Children’s Book Centre Our Choice Award and has been nominated twice for the Hackmatack Award. Alice grew up in Newfoundland and currently lives in Nova Scotia.

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Nimbus Publishing Fall 2017 Catalogue

About the Book

Set in the fictional town of Paddy’s Arm, Newfoundland, Alice Walsh’s debut mystery novel is at once harrowing and homey, equal parts police procedural and diner gossip. When Claire and Bram’s only child dies suddenly, it at first appears to be a case of crib death. But when the real cause of death indicates homicide and Claire is arrested as the number-one suspect, her friend, lawyer Lauren LaVallee, promises she’ll do everything she can to prove Claire’s innocence.

Tom Webb - From Corporate Globalization to Global Cooperation: We Owe it to Our Grandchildren Adult Non-Fiction

Tom Webb has served on co-operative and credit union boards of directors and as a senior manager in a large retail wholesale co-operative. He has also served as a special assistant to two cabinet ministers and the Prime Minister of Canada. He has been involved in co-operative education since 1993 as Director of the Extension Department at St. Francis Xavier University and for the past 15 years sequentially as a co-founder, program manager and adjunct professor in the Co-operative Management Education Program in the Sobey School of Business at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He has lectured on co-operatives in Canada, the USA, England, Scotland, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand. He has published many articles and papers on co-operatives.


About the Book

Tom Webb argues that a massive shift to social enterprise, primarily co-operatives, is required. More than 250 million people around the world work for co-operatives, and co-operatives impact the lives of three billion people. This model reduces almost every negative impact of capitalism — it is a model that works.

Webb outlines the principles co-operatives need to hold to if they are to be a successful alternative to capitalism and examines the public-policy changes needed to nurture such a transition, but he remains neither wildly optimistic nor unduly pessimistic. A better world is possible, but it is not inevitable.

Gloria Ann Wesley - Abigail's Wish

Gloria Ann Wesley is the author three books of poetry and two historical novels, If This Is Freedom and Chasing Freedom, the latter of which was shortlisted for the 2012 Ann Connor Brimer Award for Young Adult Fiction. She lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia.




About the book

Ten-year-old Abigail Price is excited about spring in her new home in Birchtown. Spring means lots of things, like flower buds and fresh leaves and her Aunt Dinah’s new baby. She’s hoping it also means she’ll get a new dress to wear for the celebration, but new clothing, like many things, is hard to come by. This is the first children’s picture book set in historic Birchtown, Nova Scotia, Abigail’s Wish is a window into the life of a Black Loyalist family in the early years of the historic colony.

Alexa Wilcox - Aqua Jewel

Alexa Wilcox began writing Aqua Jewel at the age of 12, as a Christmas gift for her mother. Now 14, she has self-published her book, for which she was recently awarded a Gold Leaf in the Scholastic Arts & Writing competition. She is passionate about books, and can always be spotted with a novel tucked under her arm. When she is not reading or writing, she can be found dancing, or playing piano while dreaming about books.

Aqua Jewel on Amazon.ca

About the Book

Once a year in Mencia, every thirteen-year-old has a chance to gain a talent. You could have the power to fly, or to become invisible. You might be telepathic, or telekinetic. There’s such a wide variety. But there is a catch: if you are Untalented, you are exiled from Mencia. On the day of her Talent Gaining, Lexa is given an old family heirloom – a beautiful blue necklace – as a present from her proud mother. Only when disaster strikes does Lexa realize that the necklace contains more power than she could have ever imagined. . . and could very well have enough to save many lives. But is it already too late?



William King Elementary Students Grade 2/3 MacDonald and Caines - The ABC's of Viola Desmond

Viola Desmond is often referred to as Canada’s Rosa Parks. In 1946, Viola refused to give up her seat in the “whites-only” lower section of a movie theatre in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia. She was arrested, dragged out of the theatre, jailed for the night, and the next day was unjustly fined $20.00 plus court costs. The ABC’s of Viola Desmond is a newly released early-reader history book that has quickly become a favourite of teachers and students alike. This beautifully illustrated book was written by students for students. It offers a unique and thoughtful portrayal of Viola’s story. The ABC’s of Viola Desmond was written and illustrated by students from grades 2 and 3 at William King Elementary School. The teachers were Pam Caines and Beatrice MacDonald. The original manuscript and illustrations for The ABC’s of Viola Desmond were submitted to the 2015 African Nova Scotian History Challenges and were a recipient of a DBDLI Award for Excellence in African Nova Scotian History.

The ABC’s of Viola Desmond was developed by the Delmore “Buddy” Daye Learning Institute (DBDLI) in conjunction with the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Dr. Wanda Robson, Viola’s “baby” sister, provided comment and oversight. This bright and beautiful book is crafted specifically for early readers. The ABC’s of Viola Desmond is listed as an Approved Learning Resource (ALR) and is available through the DBDLI website, the Nova Scotia School Book Bureau (NSSBB) and selected children’s bookstores province-wide. The ABC’s of Viola Desmond has also been produced in braille by the Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority (APSEA) and is now available across Canada to students with visual disabilities.

Teacher Beatrice MacDonald (Mrs. Mac) was born, brought up and educated in Halifax and obtained her BA 78 and B Ed. 79 from Saint Francis Xavier University. She has recently retired after 35 years as an elementary classroom teacher with the Halifax Regional School Board. Mrs. Mac has also taught in England as a member of the Commonwealth League of Teachers, Guyana, South America, as a member of Canadian Teachers Federation Project Overseas and with the Metropolitan Toronto Catholic School Board. She has been a mentor teacher to numerous student teachers from various regional universities. Mrs. MacDonald has participated in and led various professional development opportunities, including collaborating on a working paper addressing the benefits of multi-age classrooms and the development of a supplementary resource supporting the Mathematics Strategy P-9 for the Nova Scotia Department of Education.

After raising five children and retiring from a career as a lab technician, Wanda Robson decided to pursue a life-long ambition, to earn a university degree. In 2000, at 74 years young, she enrolled at Cape Breton University (CBU) and in 2004, she graduated with her BA (English concentration). It was while she was at CBU that Wanda began to realize the significance of her sister Viola Desmond’s act of courage in 1946 and the impact that Viola’s act of bravery had on African Nova Scotian history. “All I ever wanted was an acknowledgement and apology for my sister’s unfair treatment that day. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that Viola would be embraced as an icon of the Canadian civil rights movement.”

Thanks largely to the efforts of Wanda Robson, Viola has received many posthumous honours. Wanda accepted an official apology and free pardon for Viola in 2010. Viola’s image has graced a Canadian stamp and her portrait now hangs in Government House. There is a ferry named in her honour and in 2018, Viola’s image will appear on the $10 bank note. Fittingly, on October 27, 2012, Dr. Wanda Robson received an Honorary Doctor of Letters degree from Cape Breton University.







Budge Wilson - After Swissair

Budge Wilson was born in Halifax, NS, graduated from Dalhousie University (BA ’48 in Philosophy and Psychology; Diploma in Education, Certificate Phys Ed); and did graduate studies in English at the University of Toronto. She returned to Nova Scotia in 1989, summering in a South Shore fishing village, wintering in Halifax. In 2003, she won the Halifax Mayor’s Award for Cultural Achievement; in 2004, Armbrae Academy’s Distinguished Alumnae Award; in 2008, Dalhousie’s Alumni Achievement Award. In 2004, she was made a member of the Order of Canada and, in 2011, a member of the Order of Nova Scotia. In 2010, she received an Honorary LLD from Dalhousie University; in May 2012, she received an Honorary D. Hum. L. from Mount St Vincent University.


About the Book

On September 2, 1998, Swissair Flight 111 plunged into the sea near the mouth of St. Margaret’s Bay in Nova Scotia, killing all 229 on board. Thousands of people responded immediately: emergency personnel, fishermen, the military, divers, community searchers and RCMP officials. In the days, weeks and months after the crash, local residents and ordinary people supported the investigation in any way they could and, more critically, they also sought to comfort the families of the victims.

Drs. John J. Guiney Yallop, Lynn Butler-Kisber, Mary Stewart & Sean Wiebe - Poetic Inquiries of Reflection and Renewal

Drs. John J. Guiney Yallop, Lynn Butler-Kisber, Mary Stewart & Sean Wiebe are Canadian education scholars who employ poetic inquiry in their work. Since the inception of the International Symposium on Poetic Inquiry in 2007, they have been an integral part of the international poetic inquiry community. Each has a keen interest and commitment to education and the arts, social science research, and literacy learning.

From migration, teaching, attending to the sick and dying, or navigating new relationships or identities, the poems in this collection are at once evocative and poignant and at times playful. This book offers insight into what is possible with the poetic voice.


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