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Get Involved

Whether you’re part of an organization or just a good old-fashioned book lover, there have always been opportunities to get involved with The Word On The Street. Read below for the best ways to be a part of the biggest book and magazine festival in Canada.

Volunteer with Us!

The Word on the Street Halifax is looking for a solid team of engaged volunteers who are looking for fun new experiences! The following positions are available, and you can take part by filling out the volunteer form!


Author Check-In Host

  • Check in authors as they arrive and give them their access pass, cheque, and festival program.
  • Let the Author Ushers know when their authors arrive.
  • Help address any questions from authors.


Author Usher

Each Author Usher is assigned to a specific stage over a period of time.

  • Greet their authors as they check-in.
  • Bring authors to their assigned stage.
  • Let the Stage Manager know that the author has arrived. If the author is early and would like to check out other events, let them know that the Stage Manager will need them back 15 minutes before their reading.
  • Show authors where to go for book signings following their reading.
  • If a Stage Host, Stage Manager, or Author needs anything, let a Floater volunteer know.


Floater / Information Booth

Floaters and Information Booth volunteers occupy the Information Tent and are the go-to for questions, directions, lost persons, etc.

  • Greet everyone with a friendly smile and warm tone.
  • Answer questions and provide directions to attendees, authors, ushers, etc.
  • Provide assistance to other volunteers as required.
  • Check on Stage Managers every 2 hours (1pm, 3pm) and provide breaks and refreshments as needed.


Information Guides

Information Guides walk around the festival grounds with a smile on their face, making sure they are approachable.

  • Circulate festival grounds.
  • Answer questions in a friendly and upbeat manner.
  • Hand out programs.
  • Monitor & refresh refuse bins as needed.


Exhibitor Coordinators

  • Monitor the parking lot entrance and open the gates for registered exhibitors as they arrive in the morning.
  • Direct exhibitors to their respective tents and tables as necessary.
  • Maintain cleanliness and flow in the exhibitor tents throughout the day.
  • Monitor the parking lot entrance and open the gates for exhibitors as they depart at the end of the day.


Volunteer Coordinator

  • Direct volunteers to the appropriate position and answer any questions as needed.
  • Be the direct contact to the Festival Manager if there are any missing authors or questions from volunteers that they can’t answer.
  • Ensure that Floater volunteers have alleviated Stage Managers at 1pm and again at 3pm.


Volunteer Check-In Host / Hospitality Room

  • Check in volunteers as they arrive and give them a volunteer package.
  • Alerting the Volunteer Coordinator of any potential problems (a volunteer doesn’t show up, etc).
  • Help address any questions from festival attendees.
  • Keep the volunteer room tidy, fill food trays, water, coffee… etc.


Stage Manager

Each Stage Manager is assigned to a specific stage.

  • Get familiar with the tech requirements and scheduling on your stage before festival day (this information will be provided).
  • Ensure the authors are ready to go on stage. The Author Usher will lead the authors to the stage, and let you know that they have arrived. If an author does not show, it is the Stage Manager’s responsibility to let the Stage Host know.
  • Ensure that the Stage Host has what they need. Let a Floater know if the host needs any refreshments throughout their shift.
  • Make any necessary adjustments to mics, chairs, and tables (if needed) between each reading/performance.
  • Keep the readings and performances within their allotted time frame.
  • Signal to the Stage Host if time is running out. Don’t be shy this is your responsibility!
  • Contact a technician if there are any technical problems on stage.
  • Record audience numbers for each segment. Try to be as precise as possible.
  • If someone only comes by the stage for a minute and then leaves, don’t record them. However, if an attendee drops by for a portion of the segment (10 minutes or so) then record their attendance.


Set-Up Crew

  • Be on hand first thing in the morning (6:30am) to help put together the last pieces of our literary theme park.
  • Set up tables, chairs, etc.
  • This position requires lifting up to 50lbs.
  • Set-up Crew volunteers should wear closed-toe shoes and may want to consider bringing gloves.


Tear Down Crew

  • Be on hand after the festival to tidy the grounds.
  • Take down tables, chairs, etc.
  • Ensure event site is clean and tidy.
  • This position requires lifting up to 50lbs.
  • Tear Down Crew volunteers should wear closed-toe shoes and may want to consider bringing gloves.