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Top 10 Ways to Enjoy #WOTS2018

September 19, 2018

We are just days away from The Word On The Street Festival on Sunday September 23! There’s so much to do! But there’s no need to be overwhelmed—these are our top ten ways to get the most out of your visit to #WOTS2018.


  1. Plan ahead

On your way into WOTS, keep an eye out for our info booths. We’ll have our programs available with our full schedule, line-up, and exhibitor listings! These are great for planning out your day so you get to see everything you wanted to. You can use the map to get a lay of the land and make sure that you have enough time to make it from one stage to the next! Want to plan even further in advance? Check out the schedule and map on our website before you even leave for the day!


  1. See something new

While you’re perusing the program, make sure to include a plan to check out something new! It’s great to get to know your favourite authors better, but there might also be a new favourite author just waiting for you! Check out a panel on a genre you don’t usually read, or listen to a new author talk about a book you hadn’t heard of before. WOTS is your chance to broaden your literary horizons—for free!


  1. Stay hydrated

WOTS is a full day of fun! But even with the start of cooler autumn weather, you need to stay hydrated! So remember to bring along a water bottle so you can enjoy the sun while you’re out there. We’ll have water trucks around the festival so you can refill as you need. And don’t worry—there are a number of bathrooms available around Harbourfront Centre.


  1. Check out the Marketplace

Like any year at WOTS, one of the biggest parts of the festival is our Exhibitor Marketplace! We have over 200 exhibitors who range from huge publishers to magazines to booksellers to independent authors! That’s a lot of books. As you’re looking through, make sure to say hi to the exhibitors and get to know them a bit! There are a lot of cool stories about publishing in Canada, and they’ve seen it all.


  1. Grab a bite to eat

With so much to do, you’re going to need to keep up your energy. So check out the food vendors that will be out in the Marketplace! There’s a selection of local restaurants and food trucks that will have something to sate your cravings!


  1. Learn something new at the Learning Station

Our Learning Station has been programmed in partnership with literacy organizations like CNIB, Silent Voice, and Ripple Foundation. There are plenty of family-friendly activities to check out. Like the Great Braille Challenge, where you can learn to read braille and compete for prizes! Or combine poetry and crafts with some Blackout Poetry with Vallum.


  1. Join a workshop

Whether you’re an aspiring author, or you just want to get to know the process, head over to the Wordshop Marquee! You can learn invaluable information like what to avoid if you’re looking to get published, how to write short fiction, and what literary agents are looking for. Sign-up for the Franc’Open Mic Workshop for an introduction to slam poetry (offered in French and English)! Or drop off the first page of your manuscript for the First Page Challenge to get feedback from professionals.


  1. Have cash!

Entrance to WOTS is completely free, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to carry some cash around with you. There are so many exhibitors that will be at the Marketplace, but not all of them will be processing electronic payments. It’s better to be safe than sorry if you don’t want to miss out on great deals on books! There are ATMs that can be found around the Harbourfront Centre. You can find them labelled on our map.


  1. Bring a friend

Everything’s better when you do it with a friend, and WOTS is no different! Bring a friend or bring a group so you can multiply the fun. You can discuss the panels you visit or you can split up so you can hear about some of the authors you couldn’t fit into your day!


  1. Give feedback

We’re always looking to improve and to serve our community better. In order to do that, we need your feedback! Find one of our volunteers to complete a survey on your experience at WOTS! Or you can find the link at the back of our program. Let us know what you think so that next year’s festival is even better!



If you follow these ten steps, then there’s no doubt that you’ll have an incredible time at The Word On The Street Toronto on September 23.

What are you planning to check out first?

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