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Helen Humphreys Recommends

The True Story of Ida Johnson by Sharon Riis

The True Story of Ida Johnson (1976)

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"The True Story of Ida Johnson, Sharon Riis' first novel, begins with the claim: 'The truth of the matter is: there is none.' She creates a small-town, working-class Canadian world where reality depends on perception and where the relativity of that perception and the values assigned to it are taken for granted. The consequences are disturbing. If everything is relative, then values are meaningless. Murdering a husband and children carries the same weight as screwing a stranger or smoking a cigarette. Ida Johnson exists as Nietzche's heir in an absurd world beyound good and evil, a world where value judgments are impossible, possibly irrelevant."

Sharon Riis

(From Wikipedia)

Sharon Riis was a Canadian novelist, short story writer, and screenwriter. She was nominated for the Books in Canada First Novel Award in 1976 for her debut novel The True Story of Ida Johnson, published by Women's Press.