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25 Reasons to Volunteer at The Word On The Street

June 2, 2014

Volunteers are a fundamental part of The Word On The Street. Reasons to volunteer at the festival are endless, but if you are undecided this list might help.

 25 Reasons to be a Festival Volunteer

  1. You want to be a part of the literary community in Toronto.
  2. You are seeking hands-on experience in the Canadian writing and publishing industry.
  3. Sundays are for literary ventures.
  4. You have always wanted to casually run into your favourite Canadian author in a park.
  5. You are a high school student and need to complete your volunteer hours.
  6. More specifically, you are in grade 12 and really need to finish those hours.
  7. You have experience with event organization and want to lend a helping hand.
  8. You want to gain experience in an administrative role.
  9. You have 4-7 hours to spare on Sunday, September 21, 2014.
  10. You collect volunteer swag.
  11. You enjoy being in the vicinity of churros.
  12. You want to make new friends.
  13. You really want to volunteer somewhere but don’t have a lot of time during the week.
  14. You want a t-shirt that shows how awesome you are.
  15. You know there are great volunteer appreciation events before and after the festival.
  16. You heard about our partnership with the Ontario Science Centre.
  17. You’ve always wanted to play at the Ontario Science Centre as an adult.
  18. You’ve visited The Word On The Street before and want a behind the scenes experience this time.
  19. #CanLit
  20. You are an aspiring writer and would like to see the industry all in one place.
  21. It is a fun way to network and make connections.
  22. You love lists.
  23. You want to be a part of something BIG—a  national festival perhaps.
  24. It’s our 25th anniversary.
  25. You LOVE books, magazines and organizations that promote literacy!

It all comes down to that last one doesn’t it? You love the written word. We get it. We do too. You didn’t need this list did you?

Interested volunteers can contact Catherine Barandiaran at We look forward to working with you!