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25 MORE Reasons to Volunteer at The Word On The Street

July 10, 2014

Last month we shared 25 Reasons to Volunteer at The Word On The Street, and as a result our community really stepped up to the plate! Many people agreed that sharing your time and talents with Toronto’s free community book festival is a great and rewarding experience. We’re now at the half-way point for our volunteer recruitment goal, so if you were thinking about joining the team, now’s the time to sign up!

And on that note, here are 25 More Reasons to Volunteer at The Word On The Street:

  1. You’re in a reading rut and you need fresh recommendations
  2. You want to rub shoulders with the literati
  3. Authors are celebrities you actually want to keep up with (see what I did there?)
  4. You pride yourself on participating in all the great festivals in Toronto
  5. Polkaroo will be there!
  6. You want to say “I volunteered at Canada’s largest book and magazine festival.” This sentence improves most conversations
  7. You read for pleasure
  8. Volunteer t-shirts are trophies for a job well done
  9. You remember going to The Word On The Street as a kid and want to pass on the experience to the next generation
  10. Shifts are only 4 hours which allows you to help out and check out the programming
  11. We have a partnership with The Revue Cinema which may mean VOLUNTEER MOVIE NIGHT
  12. You want to support literary initiatives with your time
  13. The publishing industry has always intrigued you
  14. You love walkie talkies and want to use our radio communication system
  15. You are a people-person –  200,000+ people to be exact
  16. You keep hearing about this festival and want to know what it’s all about
  17. You want to enjoy an amazing Sunday by the park
  18. Discovering new books before your friends do is the hip thing to do
  19. You enjoy being outside
  20. You need a break from Netflix
  21. ‘cuz #CanLit
  22. It’s the perfect Book Club outing
  23. Your customer service skills are top notch
  24. Dionne Brand, Frances Itani, Kenneth Oppel
  25. Volunteering never gets old

Interested volunteers can contact Catherine Barandiaran at We look forward to working with you!