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About the Festival

An author's working life is a solitary one.  No one can translate the data in a writer's head to a screen or notebook. The task is theirs alone, a one-person job. - Louise Mangos In the age of technology, the chance for a book lover meet face-to-face with a writer, poet, story-teller, spoken-word artist, illustrator, editor, or publisher and vice versa is a unique opportunity and the highlight of any literary festival. Please join us on Saturday, September 14th for our 25th anniversary celebration!

Main Attractions


Word on the Halifax's Exhibitor Marketplace offers festival-goers a window into the Atlantic Canada Literary scene, presenting everything fom the largest publishing houses to the smallest niche magazines and everything in between: books, magazines, publishing houses, independent authors, children's books, and literacy.


The Word On The Street is committed to improving the reading skills and functional literacy of Canadians.

2019 Featured Participants