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Celebrate more than 150 years of Canada with 150 books.

Douglas Gibson Recommends

The Story of Canada by Janet Lunn and Christopher Moore, Illustrated by Alan Daniel

“This is the complete history of Canada from its earliest, prehistoric days, right up to the present, that everyone will enjoy reading — not just the young people who are its intended audience. You’ll find exciting accounts of early native buffalo hunts, dramatic fur-trade tales, American invasions, pioneer settlers fighting the elements, and people coming from around the world, decade by decade, to become Canadian. Balanced, fair, and inspiring, a book we should all read!”

The Story of Canada

Winner of the Mr. Christie's Book Award and the Information Book Award, The Story of Canada is a lively look at Canada's past written by one of our finest writers of historical fiction, Janet Lunn, and historian and writer Christopher Moore, co-author of The Illustrated History of Canada.

It takes readers from prehistory and the supposition that the first Canadians crossed the Bering Strait to the Canada of today, using folklore, mythology, folk songs, and anecdotes to make the past come to life. The book is enhanced from start to finish by the dramatic illustrations created by award-winning artist Alan Daniels as well as by period photographs, maps, posters, and cartoons.

One of the strengths of The Story of Canada is that Lunn and Moore recognize from the start that they can't possibly tell the whole story, but can only touch on the most important bits and pieces that make up the history of the country. But in doing so they don't just focus on the famous history makers, but make clear that history is also made by the people whose deeds don't go down in history. They've made sure to include information about First Peoples, Canada's immigrant populations, and women, and have tried to give a sense of what life was like in different parts of the country over the last 400 years. Who says Canadian history is dull and boring? Obviously, someone who hasn't read The Story of Canada!


Janet Lunn

Janet Lunn is one of Canada's most respected writers for children. Her books include "The Root Cellar," "Shadow in Hawthorn Bay," "The Hollow Tree," and (with Christopher Moore) "The Story of Canad"a. Her many distinguished awards, national and international, include the Vicky Metcalf Award for Body of Work, two Governor General's Awards, the Canadian Library Association Book of the Year Award and the Canada Council Children's Literature Prize, among others. She lives in Ottawa.

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Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore has been called Canada's most versatile writer of history. He's a Toronto-based writer who has been presenting Canadian history to non-specialist audiences through many media for many years.
Moore's books include 1867: How the Fathers Made a Deal, which Dalton Camp called "just about the best book on our history I've ever read." He wrote the 1999 photo-history best-seller Canada: Our Century with Mark Kingwell. He is the co-author of the much-loved history for kids and families, The Story of Canada.

Alan Daniel

Alan Daniel is a painter and illustrator whose work is characterized by its energy and fine draftsmanship. His skills were honed in the studio of J. Merle Smith who, along with master watercolorist Kalman Banitz, provided a rigorous art education.

A Kitchener resident for many years, Alan draws inspiration from the city, from the colours and contours of the landscape surrounding it and from rocky Muskoka where he summers. Well-known for his paintings of water, ranging from a springtime river to fierce ocean storms, he was commissioned to create several paintings for The Sea is At Our Gates, a movie created to celebrate the Canadian Navy. The human face and figure as well as birds and animals are also frequent subjects.