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Paul Covello Recommends

Paul Has a Summer Job by Michel Rabagliati

Paul Has a Summer Job (2003)

(From Drawn & Quarterly)

This sweet and funny coming-of-age story marks a high-water mark in great old-fashioned storytelling in graphic novels. This book tells the story of Paul, a Montreal teenager who, against the backdrop of Quebec in the 1970s, tastes the freedom and responsibilities of adulthood for the first time. Thanks to plummeting grades, Paul defiantly quits high school and takes a job at a factory. A year later, tired and depressed, Paul accepts a strange job offer to go be a counselor at a summer camp in the mountains run by a freewheeling Catholic priest. Paul finds himself guiding a motley band of kids— misfits, loners, and troublemakers — through the rough terrain of growing up.

Rabagliati's strip "Paul: Apprentice Typographer" was one of the highlights of 1999's Drawn & Quarterly anthology, and his first comic book Paul in the Country won the 2000 Harvey award for Best New Talent. Paul has a summer job is his first graphic novel and is eagerly anticipated by comix connoisseurs who enjoy a sweet, unsentimental story about being a teenager and Rabagliati’s crisp retro-modern 1950s drawing style.

Michel Rabagliati

(From Drawn & Quarterly)

Like many kids in North America, Michel Rabagliati grew up reading comic books, but since he was born in 1961 in Montreal, instead of reading The Hulk or Superman, he was immersed in all the major comic albums being published in Belgium and France: Tintin, Spirou, Gaston, and of course Asterix, among others. Rabagliati faithfully subscribed to all the European comics magazines, and he would copy his favorite artists, writing and drawing his own comic strips and quickly forgetting them in a drawer. By the mid-1970s his interests turned toward graphic design and after studying this and typography, he became a graphic designer and commercial illustrator in 1982. His illustrations have been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Chicago Tribune, The Utne Reader, The Advocate, The National Post, Maclean's and Canadian Business.

Nearly a decade later in 1990, Rabagliati was asked to design a logo for the new comics publisher Drawn & Quarterly and he encountered a whole new world of comics publishing in English. Interested in comics again, he began seeking out comics in French and English and it wasn't long before he was writing and drawing his own comics again. In 1999, at 36, Rabagliati had his first comic book published by the Montreal publisher Les Éditions de la Pastèque. This  was translated the following year as Paul in the Country and published by D+Q, earning him a Harvey Award for Best New Talent. Earlier inn 2000, his first translated strip, "Paul, Apprentice Typographer," had appeared in Drawn & Quarterly Vol. 3. In 2003, D+Q published the English translation of Michel's first full-length original graphic novel, Paul Has A Summer Job, followed by Paul Moves Out in 2005.

Michel Rabagliati lives in Montreal with his partner and daughter.