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Alex A. Recommends

Going Under (originally Apnea) by Zviane

An album with a stripped storyline and with minimal, almost self-erased style, yet very effective and evocative. The author presents the poignant subject of depression with simplicity and honesty.” – Alex A.

Going Under (2016)

(from Pow Pow Press)

Depression feels like drowning from the inside. Welcome to the aftermath of a mental breakdown.

Sophie is trying to mend the pieces of her broken life. The people around her think she is “cured”, but she knows she still has a long way to go before she truly feels “better”. Going Under is not a story as much as a process, fragments of a personal journey collected in order to make as much sense as possible of an experience which still feels impossible to describe. A sober portrait drawn in a minimal, almost self-erased style, Zviane’s award-winning graphic novel showcases both her interest in classical music and her remarkable talent for intelligent, poignant character studies. Through this second-person account, she achieves a state of dissociation which mirrors the feelings of her protagonist – centering her narrative around emotions and the way images can convey them when words otherwise fail to do so.


(from Pow Pow Press)

There was this one time when Zviane listened to piano and said: “wow piano is cool I want to play piano too!” So she started playing piano.

And then there was this one time when Zviane heard a fugue and said: “wow fugues are cool I want to write fugues too!” So she started writing fugues. And there was that one time when she saw an animated film and said: “wow animated films are cool I wanna make some too!” So she made an animated film. And one day she sat down and read a comic book.