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Man in the Shadows: Part 4 – Chapters 30–42

September 3, 2014

Man in the Shadows book cover

Labour day is in the past, summer is coming to an end, and so is The Word On The Street’s Book Club discussion of Man in the Shadows!

This week, book club leader Lila has a few last questions based on Chapters 10 – 20. Feel free to use these as a jumping-off point for any other thoughts or questions you may have too.

Thanks to all who’ve read along and shared their thoughts on the book!

Gordon Henderson reads at the Vibrant Voices of Ontario Tent at 1:30 PM on Sunday, September 21st.

  • Chapters 33 and 41 are missing — what do you think happened?

I’m kidding! I know it’s an uncorrected proof. However, this could still be fun, choose-your-own-adventure style! Are there any side stories, details, or flashbacks you would have liked to see at these points in final chapters of the novel?

  • Who burned down the Toronto House?
  • There were some good twists in the final scenes of the book. Were you surprised by the changes in Polly Ryan and Thomas? Did you feel that the final moment of triumph belonged to Thomas?