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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Harbourfront Centre | 12pm - 8pm


WOTS Festival & Marketplace

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Harbourfront Centre | 10am - 5pm

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Schedule for Sunday, September 22 2019

Since 1990, The Word On The Street has presented thousands of Canadian authors for readers of all ages and literary appetites. This year's schedule includes over 200 presenters on 14 stages.

Scholastic Horror Panel

4:20 PM - 5:00 PM

Secrets, scary dolls, hauntings! Join this panel of three writers who are sure to spook you with their twisted musings!


This collection of more than 100 creepy Canadian tales is guaranteed to make your blood run cold. From stories about abandoned hospitals, to haunted hotels, to supernatural sea creatures, Haunted Canada will teach you everything you really wanted to know about the eeriest corners of our country! (Scholastic)

  • Mystery/Suspense/Horror | Mystère/Suspense/Horreur
  • Young Adult | Jeunes adultes

Joel A. Sutherland

Joel A. Sutherland is the Silver Birch and Hackmatack Award-winning author of numerous Haunted Canada books (a series that now has more than 400,000 copies in print), and the Red Maple Award Honour Book Summer’s End. His new series, Haunted, has been praised by Goosebumps author R.L. Stine.

The Doll’s Eye

All 12-year-old Hadley wants is for everything to go back to the way it used to be—back when she didn’t have to share her mother with a step-father and step-brother. When she wasn’t forced to live in a musty decomposing house. As she whiles away her summer exploring the nearby woods and splitting her time between her bug-obsessed neighbour, Gabe, and the sweet old lady who lives above the garage, she notices the house isn’t just dark and creaky. It’s full of secrets. When she finds a lone glass eye underneath her bed her life begins to change. Forever. (Scholastic)

  • Children's | Enfants
  • Mystery/Suspense/Horror | Mystère/Suspense/Horreur

Marina Cohen

Marina Cohen is the author of several creepy middle grade novels including The Inn Between, The Doll’s Eye, and A Box of Bones. She has been nominated for numerous awards in both Canada and the United States. She loves old castles, hot cocoa, and mysterious doors of all shapes and sizes.

Bendy and the Ink Machine: Dreams Come To Life

An original novel from the twisted world of the hit horror video game, Bendy and the Ink Machine!
Seventeen-year-old Buddy has spent his life trying to escape the Lower East Side slums of New York City while dreaming of becoming an artist. That dream becomes reality when Mister Drew, the eccentric owner of an animation studio, takes Buddy under his wing as an apprentice. But something is going bump in the night. It’s up to Buddy, and new friend Dot, to find out what is tormenting the studio after-hours, even if it means tracking the trail to Mister Drew himself.

  • Children's | Enfants
  • Mystery/Suspense/Horror | Mystère/Suspense/Horreur

Adrienne Kress

Adrienne Kress is an award winning and internationally published Toronto writer and actor. She is the author of several children’s and YA novels, including the recently completed The Explorers adventure trilogy and the horror novel for the Bendy and the Ink Machine video game, Dreams Comes To Life.
Twitter/Instagram: @AdrienneKress