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Archive for July, 2010

  • Pub. news: Margaret Atwood, coffee connoisseur

    I apologize for taking a blogging hiatus over the past couple weeks – although I did update literacy news! Ever since that transformer blew up in Toronto and our power went out, our computers have never been the same. I’m not sure how files corrupt themselves, but mine are doing so in regular intervals now. […]

  • Reading the Rails – Part 3: Books vs. Magazines

    Magazines are disposable, have a lot of variety, and tend to be short, which works for commuting. But do these benefits outweigh those of books? Books hold their own in the competition for the commuter’s choice. 1. Variety There’s a lot more variety in books than in magazines, obviously. This variety comes not only in […]

  • Reading the Rails – Part 2: Magazines vs. Books

    Books or magazines? It is a question that has plagued commuters since the dawn of rush hour. When it comes to reading on the go, which provides a more satisfying experience? This post and the next will discuss the benefits and draw backs of both, perhaps aiding you in your next purchase. Or they will […]

  • Pub. news: Douglas Coupland, From Author to Fashion Guru

    From the man who brought us Generation X, Jpod and, most recently, Generation A, comes a new endeavour that may just be his most fascinating yet: Roots X Douglas Coupland, his very own fashion line. Does it get any better than this? That’s just a taste. His line has everything from clothing (pants, t-shirts, skirts, […]

  • Publishing News – Indigo to sell photography?

    Just recently announced that Indigo Books & Music Inc. will add a photography department.  Customers will be able to bring in their own photos to print, create photobooks, buy photography as art and get their portrait taken. They are taking on this new endeavour to compensate for declining book sales for traditional book retailers, even […]

  • The Word On The Street News: Yann Martel to headline!

    You’ve all been waiting… Finally this year’s festival highlights! The Word On The Street Toronto is very excited to announce that Yann Martel will be our headlining author this year.  Yay! He’s flying in from Saskatoon specially for our 21st festival to read from his new book Beatrice & Virgil, to participate in a Q […]