Lethbridge, Alberta

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Main Library: 5th Ave. S. and 8th St. S. | 11am - 5pm

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The Word On The Street has been renowned for the quality and diversity of its event programming and our next festival promises to offer the best so far. Please see the 2019 schedule below!

Sandra Lamouche – Hoop Dancing

3:25 PM - 3:40 PM

Sandra Lamouche

Sandra Lamouche- Champion Hoop Dancer & Award Winning Educator

I believe that Native cultures are the epitome of healthy and balanced living. Dance is one way we can return to the holistic ways of life practiced by our ancestors- Nitona Miyo Pimadisiwin (Seeking a Good Life), which is a balance of spiritual, physical, emotional and mental health.

The concept of ‘Nitona Miyo Pimadisiwin’ is described by Dr. Micheal Hart (Cree) as a process of learning, growing and being-in- becoming (seeking one’s purpose in life). Hart’s book ‘Seeking Mino-Pimadisiwin An Aboriginal Approach to Helping can be found here: http://www.fernwoodpublishing.ca/Seeking-Mino-Pimatisiwin-Michael-Hart/