Halifax, Nova Scotia

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Halifax Central Library | 10am - 3pm

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Word On The Street Halifax is one of many festivals that contribute significantly to the economic wealth of Nova Scotia.  We do more than place writers on stage. We proudly host some of the finest talent in Canadian literature, with a strong focus on Atlantic Canada. This year we celebrate our 25th anniversary.  Save the date and join in the celebrations!

Joseph M.A. Ballard – Historic House Names of Nova Scotia

Mount Uniacke, Acacia Grove, Winckworth, Saint’s Rest, Spruce Tree Cottage. Ever wonder how Nova Scotia houses got their names? The better-known names are largely connected with prominent historical figures who resided in commodious homes with sprawling grounds, but the naming tradition was far more prevalent than that. In this book, the author explains that a “hurst” is a wooded eminence, a hillock, or a grove, and this suffix lends an air of nobility to a property—Springhurst in Maitland, Lindenhurst in Halifax, and the ubiquitous Elmhurst, which appears in various communities.

Named houses have a certain essence and vitality about them. Named or not, places do possess character—and putting a name to something that exhibits character makes sense on some level. Historic House Names of Nova Scotia provides a fascinating look at the house-naming tradition in Nova Scotia. What sorts of names did Bluenoses create, and what did the names mean? Author and historian Joe Ballard has amassed a wealth of historical information and photos on the subject.

Joseph M. A. Ballard is a senior preservation consultant with the cultural resource firm, Vineberg & Fulton Ltd. and VP market development with the MIRCS Institute. Joseph has associations with several heritage organizations including past-president of Heritage Trust of Nova Scotia, member of the Town of Truro Heritage Advisory Committee, past-president of the Colchester Historical Society, director with the Friends of the Little White Schoolhouse Museum, steering committee member of the Nova Scotia Provincial Heritage Conference, and member of the Royal Nova Scotia Historical Society. His articles on Nova Scotia’s cultural and architectural heritage have appeared in Saltscapes and Edifice. He is the recipient of the 2012 Town of Truro Heritage Award and 2016 Helen Creighton Folklore Society Research Grant. Joseph had two books published in 2018, Fairy Dells and Rustic Bowers (SSP Publishing) and Historic House Names of Nova Scotia (Nimbus Publishing).