Toronto, Ontario

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Harbourfront Centre | 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

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Special Programs

Even more than books and magazines, The Word On The Street Toronto’s greatest passion is to connect with the community. Through a number of innovative programs, we are reaching out to encourage people to speak out, speak up, and support literacy. Read below for more details.

The Word On The Street Book Club

In 2016, we overhauled The Word On The Street Book Club, making it more exciting than ever. By signing up for the Book Club, participants we able to enter for the chance to be among twelve lucky members to gain entry to one of two private meet-and-greet discussions (only the book club winners and the author will attend) on site at The Word On The Street, in addition to being given a complimentary copy of the featured books.

Before the festival, members were also able to take part in a short Twitter discussion with their Book Club’s author. Below are the links to view the 2016 conversations with Amy Stuart and Heather Tucker.

Amy Stuart Twitter Conversation

Heather Tucker Twitter Conversation


Still Mine (March, 2016)

Author: Amy Stuart

Festival Appearance:
Great Books Marquee at 11:30 AM – 12:00 PM

Twitter Chat: September 7, 12:30pm

Clare is on the run. She’s hiding in a remote mountain town, looking for Shayna, a local girl who disappeared. Did Shayna flee? Was she killed? Or is she still alive? Twisting and electrifying, this bestselling thriller will make you question what it means to lose (and find) yourself in the most unlikely places.

The Clay Girl (October, 2016)

Author: Heather Tucker

Festival Appearance:
Great Books Marquee at 2:15 PM – 3:00 PM

Twitter Chat: September 14, 12:30pm

Vincent Appleton smiles at his daughters, raises a gun, and blows off his head. For the Appleton sisters, life had unravelled many times before. This time it explodes.

Eight-year-old Hariet, known to all as Ari, is dispatched to Cape Breton and her Aunt Mary, who is purported to eat little girls. But Mary and her partner, Nia, offer an unexpected refuge to Ari and her steadfast companion, Jasper, an imaginary seahorse.

The Clay Girl is a beautiful tour de force about a child sculpted by kindness, cruelty, and the extraordinary power of imagination, and her families — the one she’s born in to and the one she creates.

Sign up for the The Word On The Street Book Club below for your chance to meet the author of Still Mine, Amy Stuart, and the author of The Clay Girl, Heather Tucker.