Toronto, Ontario

WOTS Festival & Marketplace - Day 1

Saturday, September 26, 2020

Harbourfront Centre | 12pm - 7pm


WOTS Festival & Marketplace - Day 2

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Harbourfront Centre | 10am - 5pm

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Schedule for Sunday, September 22 2019

Since 1990, The Word On The Street has presented thousands of Canadian authors for readers of all ages and literary appetites. This year's schedule includes over 200 presenters on 14 stages.

The Almost Epic Squad

1:15 PM - 2:00 PM

Mucus Mayhem

Jessica Flem thinks she is just an ordinary kid with terrible allergies–the kind that keep her indoors, playing video games, surrounded by tissues. Little does she know that her runny nose holds the secret to a power she’s had since birth, and she will soon need to harness this mucus-filled power to fend off evil overlords! Can she make the world safe again?
In this hilarious multi-author series, four kids are about to discover what they’re really made of. (Scholastic)

  • Children's | Enfants
  • Middle Grade | Niveau moyen

Kevin Sylvester

Kevin Sylvester is an award-winning writer, illustrator, reporter, radio host, producer and documentary maker. His books include the MiNRS and Neil Flambé series. Kevin’s superpower is that he can take a puck off the head and STILL finish a hockey game. Visit him at

What Blows Up

On his 13th birthday Gary Lundborg discovers he has a strange talent–he can move things with his mind… sort of. It’s all a bit clumsy and confusing. But when the government comes calling, he learns that there are enemies on the horizon. He needs to harness this power and FAST. Can Gary “Clumsborg” Lundborg save the world in time?
In this hilarious multi-author series, four kids discover what they’re really made of. It might not be a superpower, but it sure is almost a superpower. (Scholastic)

  • Children's | Enfants
  • Middle Grade | Niveau moyen

Ted Staunton

Ted Staunton is the award-winning author of over forty books for young people, including Bounced, and a roots/blues musician in whatever time is left over. A busy and popular presenter at schools across Canada, Ted also teaches writing at George Brown College in Toronto. Visit

Super Sketchy

Sometimes Daisy Kildare wishes she could be anyone else-and when she uses a certain pencil to draw she finds she BECOMES whatever she draws. What?!
Unbeknownst to her, she’s going to need these questionable drawing skills, because some evil forces have been watching her since birth, and only she holds the power to stop them in their tracks!
In this hilarious multi-author series, four kids are about to discover what they’re really made of! (Scholastic)

  • Children's | Enfants
  • Middle Grade | Niveau moyen

Lesley Livingston

Lesley Livingston is an award-winning author of teen fiction, including the Wondrous Strange trilogy, which won the 2010 CLA Young Adult Book of the Year Award, and was named one of the “100 young adult books that make you proud to be Canadian” by CBC Books. Visit her at


Archie O’Kaye mostly rubs people the wrong way. But when he becomes utterly charming right before everyone’s eyes at his thirteenth birthday party, his family and friends begin to suspect that something is up. What is it about the new Archie that people can’t resist? Little does Archie know, there is an evil overlord who is very interested in his powers of persuasion.
Will Archie inadvertently help her in a quest for world domination, or will he harness this power for good? (Scholastic)

  • Children's | Enfants
  • Middle Grade | Niveau moyen

Richard Scrimger

Richard Scrimger has written more than twenty books for children and adults. Some of his recent books are Zomboy, Lucky Jonah and Downside Up. Richard is also a contributor to the popular Seven series, with Ink Me, The Wolf and Me and Weerdest Day Ever! Visit him online at