Toronto, Ontario

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Harbourfront Centre | 10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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For the past 27 years, The Word On The Street has been renowned for the quality and diversity of its event programming. See the lineup of incredible Canadian literary talent that appeared at our 28th festival on September 24, 2017.  

In Translation

3:05 PM - 3:45 PM

These three tales have been translated from their original French and Spanish for English-speaking audiences – and we are lucky they have been! Fanny Britt, Monia Mazigh, and Alejandro Saravia bring us three very different books, all couched in the difficult life choices their protagonists work through.

Red, Yellow, Green

In Montreal, Alfredo struggles with his memories of being ordered to commit an atrocity by the Bolivian army. Despising his nation as an oppressive sham, he falls for a woman who has no nation—a Kurdish freedom-fighter trying to blast an independent Kurdistan into existence. As the net of intrigue closes in on his lover, Alfredo must finally face his past. Refusing to be bound by style, genre, or language, Alejandro Saravia captures the tumultuous existence of the exile.

  • Fiction

Alejandro Saravia

Alejandro Saravia is a Canadian-Bolivian author. He settled down in Montreal in 1986 where he started writing again. His latest publications include Jaguar con el corazón en la mano (2010) and L’homme polyphonique (2014). He is the co-director of the Montreal literary magazine The Apostles Review.

Hunting Houses

Tessa is a thirty-seven-year-old real estate agent living in Montreal. She adores her husband and three young sons, but she’s deeply unhappy and questioning the set of choices that have led to her present life. With startling clarity and emotional force, Fanny Britt gives us a complex portrait of a woman and a marriage from the inside out.

  • Fiction

Fanny Britt

Fanny Britt is a writer, playwright, and translator. She has written a dozen plays and translated more than fifteen. She is the winner of the 2013 Governor General’s Literary Award in Drama for her play Bienveillance. Jane, the Fox and Me, her first graphic novel, was nominated for a Governor General’s Literary Award in Children’s Literature — Text, won a Libris Award, a Joe Shuster award, and was on the New York Times Best Illustrated Books list.

Fanny Britt est écrivain, auteure dramatique et traductrice. Elle compte une douzaine de pièces de théâtre à son actif, dont Bienveillance, lauréate du prix du Gouverneur Général du Canada en 2013. Ses pièces ont été montées sur de nombreuses scènes au Québec, aux Etats-Unis et en Europe. Elle œuvre aussi en littérature jeunesse, à titre d’auteure et de traductrice. On lui doit également des essais littéraires (dont Les tranchées : maternité, ambiguïté et féminisme, en fragments, en 2013).

Hope Has Two Daughters

Unwilling to endure a culture of silence and submission, and disowned by her family, Nadia leaves her native Tunisia in 1984 amidst deadly violence, chaos, and rioting brought on by rising food costs, eventually emigrating to Canada to begin her life. More than twenty-five years later, Nadia’s daughter Lila reluctantly travels to Tunisia to learn about her mother’s birth country.

  • Fiction

Monia Mazigh

Monia Mazigh was born and raised in Tunisia and immigrated to Canada in 1991. She was catapulted onto the public stage in 2002 when her husband, Maher Arar, was deported to Syria where he was tortured and held without charge. She campaigned tirelessly for his release. Mazigh holds a Ph.D. in finance from McGill University. She is the National Coordinator of the International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group.

Militante des droits de la personne, Monia Mazigh est née en 1969 en Tunisie et a immigré au Canada en 1991, pour ses études. Depuis 1998, elle habite dans la région d’Ottawa avec son mari et ses deux enfants. Elle s’est fait connaître pour avoir défendu l’innocence de son mari Maher Arar, injustement renvoyé des États-Unis vers les prisons syriennes où il fut torturé. Son dernier roman, Du pain est du jasmin, est paru chez David au mois de septembre 2015.