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Books Around Town: Penguin Shop

July 20, 2018

Toronto has a rich literary community with tons of places to read, buy, and talk about books! Books Around Town is a series that explores some of the city’s most popular places for book nerds to gather and share their love of reading.

Who isn’t familiar with the Penguin’s iconic logo? Well, enter the Penguin Shop and you’ll find it everywhere: tote bags, notebooks, or coffee mugs alike!

The shop opened up in Summer 2016 in the atrium of Penguin’s downtown headquarters, delighting readers with its fun design and colourful sliding bookshelves (guys, they even look like book spines!).

Photo provided by Ryan Madill

The store was designed by the interior design firm figure3. The design incorporates the familiar Penguin design elements in a visually delightful way. Its bright colours and bold lines are perfect for a quick selfie with your new book!

And, of course, you can get more at the Shop than just branded merchandise. You can also find carefully selected titles on their sliding bookshelves. Check out their “Penguin Picks” for recommendations from authors, editors, and designers from the company.

Photo provided by Ryan Madill

Need help finding that perfect fit? You can ask one of their publishing staff members for an expert opinion. And cross your fingers—if you’re lucky, you might even run into one of their authors on their way through the building!

For book lovers and design enthusiasts alike, a downtown drop-in to the Penguin Shop should be on your Toronto book bucket list for sure!