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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Harbourfront Centre | 12pm - 8pm


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Sunday, September 22, 2019

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4 Ironclad Reasons Why You Should Come to WOTS Plus+!

August 30, 2018

It’s only a few short weeks until The Word On The Street Festival here in Toronto—and this year it’s a shorter wait than usual! Our regular festival activities start on Sunday, September 23, but we’ve added a whole new day: WOTS Plus+ on Saturday, September 22nd!

WOTS Plus+ is our new full day of discussion, conversation, and panels on literature and current events. We’re bringing in authors, journalists, and publishers to have empathetic conversations about literature and to explore the tough questions pertinent to today’s Toronto.

There’s a lot to look forward to! But here are some of the things we’re most excited about:


1. Conversations+


Conversations+  is dedicated to in-depth conversations between distinguished authors. You’ll have the chance to hear authors get together and chat—no host, no moderator, just natural conversation, live on stage.

Who’s coming? Throughout the day, this stage will feature Lee Maracle and Daniel Heath Justice, Rachel Giese and Jamil Javani, Sharon Bala and Catherine Hernandez, and Thea Lim and Paul Vermeersch—we can’t wait to see what they’ll have to say! Who are you most excited to hear from?


2. On Civil Society, via The Toronto Public Library!

The Toronto Public Library is hosting their own full stage of programming at WOTS Plus+!

On Civil Society will feature topics like democracy, urbanism, and social media. The Toronto Library is bringing in writers, professors, community organizers, and all kinds of other experts—from the Globe and Mail to UBC to the Ryerson City Building Institute. They’ll be exploring questions like “Are we building a Toronto for everyone?” and “Are we wired for democracy?”

We can’t wait to dig into why our communities work the way they do, and how we can help make them stronger!


3. Headlines+

If you’re someone who loves to talk about current events, then you need to head over to the Headlines+ stage. On the Headlines+ stage, we’ll be digging into some hard-hitting issues with community organizers, journalists and media producers.

From the horror of alleged serial killer Bruce MacArthur to using humour and satire while discussing current events, these panels are pulled straight from the headlines of today’s Toronto. Writers like Pasha Malla, Justin Ling, Vicky Mochama and public figures like former mayor David Miller (brought to you by The Walrus!) will explore issues close to the hearts of Torontonians.


4. Sculpting New Reads

It’s back! Take a stroll through the Harbourfront Centre Garage Bays for our Sculpting New Reads Gallery, which you might remember from a past WOTS! This feature program brings together art and literature: local visual artists pair up with one of the many books you can find at the festival and create a new art installation inspired by the themes of their book.

To get a taste of what to expect, you can head over to our website and see the gallery of last year’s installations. This year, Nurielle Stern will be dreaming up an installation based on Adjacentland by Rabindranath Maharaj. Erin Vincent will be working with Kelli Korducki’s  Hard To Do, while Ryan Phyper works with Splitsville by Howard Akler. And we can’t wait to see what Emily DiCarlo makes based on the poetry from Stereoblind by Emma Healey.

We just can’t wait for WOTS Plus+ and all the fantastic new content that comes with it! Which stage are you going to check out first?!

See you on Saturday, September 22nd from 12-5:30PM at the Harbourfront Centre!

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