Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Saskatoon -  Broadway Business District - Broadway & 10th Street | 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

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For the past 26 years, The Word On The Street has been renowned for the quality and diversity of its event programming and our next festival promises to offer the best so far. See the line-up of incredible Canadian literary talent at The Word On The Street Saskatoon Sunday, September 24, 2017.

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Louis Riel, Prophet of the New World — David Doyle

4:00 PM - 4:45 PM

In his important and acclaimed new book, Louis Riel: Let Justice Be Done, longtime Riel activist David Doyle weaves together Riel’s words, writing, and recent historical research to provide Louis Riel with the opportunity, for the first time, to give his own account of his political career so as to assume his proper place in Canada’s history as its Indigenous (Métis) Father of Confederation.

Louis Riel: Let Justice Be Done

Louis Riel, prophet of the new world and founder of the Canadian province of Manitoba, has challenged Canadian politics, history and religion since the early years of Confederation. In Canada’s most important and controversial state trial, Riel was found guilty of “high treason,” sentenced to hang and executed on November 16, 1885. With 2017 being Canada’s sesquicentennial of the initial Confederation of four British colonies, and with the question of reconciliation on the minds of many, the celebrations must recognize that the brutal execution of Louis Riel remains Canada’s “great divide.” Was the 1885 execution of Riel the hanging of a traitor? Or the legal murder of a patriot and statesman? Tried in a territorial court, Riel called out for justice, for an “inquiry into his career.” To date, no such inquiry has been called. The spiritual and political father of the Métis nation and Western Canada remains branded a traitor to Canada. Weaving together Riel’s words, writing, and historical research, long-time Riel activist David Doyle provides Louis Riel with the opportunity for the first time to give his evidence and assume his proper place in Canada’s history.

  • Nonfiction

David Doyle

David (Davy) Doyle, activist, educator, historian, author, and “honourary” Métis, is a former Canadian Plains Research Fellow and a retired First Nations school principal. “On the trail of Louis Riel” for thirty plus years, he has archived the oral and print history of the Northwest. Given a Cree name and twice recognized as an Honorary Metis (Honoré Jaxon II), Doyle continues his work seeking justice for the Northwest leader Louis Riel through exoneration and reconciliation with Canada and Canadians. Internationally, he has taken Riel’s cause to Cuba, Iceland, Ireland and England. He makes his home in Powell River, B.C.

Nonfiction:  (Powell River, BC), Louis Riel: Let Justice Be Done