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Saturday, September 14, 2019

Halifax Central Library | 10am - 3pm

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    Since 1990, The Word On The Street has proudly hosted some of the finest talent in Canadian literature.   Plans for our 2018 Festival our now underway and our call for author submissions is now open!

Alexa Wilcox – Fire Crystal

Fire Crystal is the second book in the Globe of Tarahabi Series, following Aqua Jewel. Narrated by Haras, this book follows his unlikely group of friends as they search of answers to their new powers. Their quest takes them to Haras’s own village where he is faced with the damage his exile has done to his family. Haras must discover who he is as he struggles with his growing feelings for Lae, but above all, he must learn to control his new power of fire, for fear of harming everyone he loves.

Alexa Wilcox began writing her first novel, Aqua Jewel, at the age of twelve, as a Christmas gift for her mother. After editing her first draft, she submitted Aqua Jewel to the Scholastic Arts and Writing competition where she was awarded a gold key for her work. Alexa self-published Aqua Jewel and at the age of fifteen, she completed the sequel to Aqua Jewel called Fire Crystal which won a Silver key in the Scholastic Arts and Writing competition.